College Visits

Things to Consider Regarding Off-Campus College Visits

College visits are vital to students making appropriate choices for their educational undertaking. Consider contacting a college or university of interest if you and your student will be in the area. Campus visits are typically set up through the institution's admissions office and contact information will likely be available online through the school's website. Think of questions you have about programs offered, financial aid, activities, living arrangements, and any other aspect of campus life that will inform your decision and request more information during your visit.

Please remember that a post-secondary institution that was the perfect fit for a family member may not be the best choice for your son or daughter.

Lincoln Lutheran's Policy: Off-Campus College Visits

Lincoln Lutheran allows up to three college visits sanctioned by the high school during the senior year.  The amount of time for those visits is to be worked out through the counseling and principal's office. 

Students will need to request a "planned absence form" from the office and follow the guidelines prior to a college visit.

College Representatives at Lincoln Lutheran

Some area colleges and universities may send representatives to the Lincoln Lutheran campus. Please read the Lincoln Lutheran Daily Bulletin for dates and times of college visits and talk to your student about meeting with representatives of institutions they may be interested in attending.