Course Registration

The Registration Process - Middle School

Middle school students engage in a set curriculum comprised of both core and elective classes. Students entering in to 6th grade, 7th grade, or 8th grade have a choice between participating in music ensembles, or enrolling in a Study Hall period. Students simply need to indicate if they intend on enrolling in Middle School Band and/or Middle School Choir on their Registration Form. 

Student entering 8th grade will have taken a math placement exam to determine the proper math placement for 8th grade. The determination on the appropriate level of math is given to students at the end of their 7th grade year.

The Registration Process - High School

Beginning in February, the Guidance Director will work with students by grade level to assist in filling out course selection forms for the next school year. Students will be provided with the most current course catalog available and will be asked to indicate their course requests on the form. Graduation requirements and post-secondary admissions needs to be considered as students select their courses.  Each student must have a parent/guardian signature on the form before returning it to the Guidance Director for review.

The Master Schedule is built over the summer months based on student course requests. Schedules will be revised and necessary changes will be made to accommodate as many course requests as possible. Students and families are not advised to request schedule changes unless graduation requirements or post-secondary eligibility requirements have been compromised. Students and families are asked to remember that priority is given to graduation requirements and courses that meet post-secondary admissions requirements. There will undoubtedly be times when a requested elective course is unable to be scheduled due to scheduling constraints. Students will often need to enroll in a second or third choice elective so as to maintain a full schedule.

Students will receive a finalized schedule in early August.

Academic Policies

To view detailed information regarding LL academic policies, click on the link below.