What is an Official Transcript?

An "official transcript" is a legal document. The document will possess an embossed Lincoln Lutheran seal and an official signature. Transcripts should typically be sent to an organization, college, or university directly from Lincoln Lutheran either via US mail or through being uploaded directly to a college/university admissions website.

What is an Unofficial Transcript? 

An "unofficial transcript" is not a legal document. The document will neither be embossed with the Lincoln Lutheran seal nor signed with an official signature. Unofficial transcripts are typically used for a student or parent's personal records, and at times can be sent to outside institutions provided that they specifically indicate that an "unofficial transcript" is acceptable.

How Do I Request an Official Transcript?

Students or alumni wanting to request an official transcript may either call the Lincoln Lutheran main office at (402) 467-5404, or email the main office at The individual requesting that a transcript be sent should allow 2-3 business days for the office to respond, and an additional 3-4 business days for the document to reach its destination through the US Mail.

YOU MUST include the following information when requesting a transcript be sent...

Student Name:

Current Student Phone Number:

Lincoln Lutheran Graduation Year:

Receiving Organization, College, or University Name:

Contact Person at Receiving Organization:

Mailing Address of Receiving Organization: