Are you looking for a great book to read?  Are you interested in learning about new book releases or new authors?  Below are some links to sites, including blogs, that contain recommended book lists, information about authors, book awards, reviews, and more.  Check these out to find a book that appeals to your interests, or just catch up on what's going on in the world of literature.  There are so many interesting new books available, but there are many classics as well that you might find enjoyable.  Take a look! 

*Remember that, although there are so many great books to be found in these sites, not all books may be right for you.  Just as you would in a bookstore, use good judgment in deciding which book you will read next.  Just because a book is accompanied by a positive review does not mean you have to read it.  Choose books not only if they appeal to you, but if they are also appropriate for you. :)

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