eBackpack Information

General Information:

Our school has purchased a subscription to a leading online classroom product, eBackpack.  eBackpack makes it easier to move files between school and home and also lets your student turn in their homework electronically to their teachers.   The teachers can review the work and send it back to your child.  

Your student can access eBackpack anywhere that internet access is available.  Inside eBackpack, your student can only communicate with teachers and administrators and has their own, private “My Files” storage area.  eBackpack has site-wide security features in place to provide peace of mind, and all the activities that are performed inside of eBackpack can be reviewed by the school.  

We are excited about the benefits this program can bring to our students, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and be involved in your students’s use of eBackpack.  Please feel free to contact eBackpack at questions@eBackpack.com or the school if you have any questions.  You may also learn more about eBackpack at http://www.eBackpack.com.

Parent Information:

As a parent, you should have received an eBackpack Parent Code (it looks like this: FXERY4). Once you create a new parent account, you can login and see your student's assignments and work.

Student Information:

  • Student Login: ll.eBackpack.com
  • Student Username: your normal Lincoln Lutheran username
  • Student Password: your normal Lincoln Lutheran password.

Student Guides:

Student guides are PDF documents on the eBackpack website.

Video Tutorials:

Video tutorials reside on the eBackpack website. There are videos for Web, iOS, Android and Windows devices.