PowerSchool Information

Parent Portal: Single Sign-On Access

PowerSchool has introduced a new single sign‐on for parents. This means that parents can have one login to access all of their children’s grades and attendance in one place. Also, parents and guardians will no longer have to share logins as each parent or guardian can setup his or her own unique login and password.

  1. The login screen can still be found at ll.powerschool.com
  2. You and your spouse can have separate logins if you want, simply repeat this process a second time picking a new username/password.
  3. The first time you access the system, choose the Create Account button. NOTE: You MUST have YOUR Access ID and Access Password for the student(s) you are requesting access to create an account. Last year this was called your User Name and Password.

  4. Create your account by filling out the following information:
    1. Your First Name
    2. Your Last Name
    3. Your Email Address
    4. Desired Username (if your desired username is already taken, you will have to pick a different one)
    5. Password (must be at least 6 characters in length)
    6. Re-Enter your password

  5. Link your students to your new account:
    1. Enter your student's full name. Enter First Name, then Last name. If the name is not entered as it is in PowerSchool, an error will occur at the time you save.
    2. Enter YOUR former username for this student as your Access ID (it should start with a "p").
    3. Enter YOUR former password for this student as the Access Password.
    4. From the drop down list, enter your relationship to the student (this is likely father or mother).

  6. Continue entering student information until you have all of your students entered. Then click the Enter Button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. You will receive a success message when you are finished (or you will have errors to correct). Once you have created your account you can login using the Username/Password fields.