Academic Information

Curriculum Requirements

Increasing college admissions requirements makes it imperative that students give very close attention to their high school course selections. Meeting just the basic high school graduation requirements does not necessarily insure that a student will be accepted into every college. The Guidance Director will work closely with each student to develop his/her curriculum. Students and parents should also check with admissions offices for admission requirements to specific colleges and universities.

Prior to enrolling in summer school or any other program that offers credit outside of Lincoln Lutheran, the student should meet with the Guidance Director to ensure the course will/can be accepted for credit. Seniors and qualifying underclassmen may take courses at Lincoln Public Schools or area colleges as long as these classes do not interfere with the student’s Lincoln Lutheran schedule.

Transfer credits from other schools will be placed on the Lincoln Lutheran transcript using the current Lincoln Lutheran grading scale to calculate GPA and class rank. If there are questions about how a course will be recorded, the student should speak with the Guidance Director.

The responsibility for meeting all credit requirements is the student’s. The Guidance Director will help wherever possible, but students are responsible for knowing where they stand at all times.

Graduation Requirements

English40 CreditsMath30 CreditsScience30 CreditsTheology40 CreditsSocial Science30 Credits (Including Government)Foreign Language10 CreditsPE/Health10 Credits (5 PE, 5 Health)Fine Arts10 CreditsPractical Arts10 CreditsComputer15 CreditsOther35 Credits  Total Credits260 Credits


Additional Graduation Requirements

Students must have a satisfactory attendance record, give evidence of Christian conduct through appropriate behavior as a member of the Lincoln Lutheran community, complete all service requirements (see Service Requirements), meet all financial obligations, and receive faculty approval prior to graduation.

Course Drop-Add Procedures

When a student registers for and enrolls in a class, they are making a commitment to be a productive member of that class. All drop/add decisions for semester-long classes must take place before the beginning of the semester. Any schedule changes after the beginning of a semester will be made only for valid educational reasons at the discretion of the Lincoln Lutheran Administration.

If a student wishes to drop a class after the beginning of the semester, the grade given will be a WF (Withdrawal-Failing). This grade would carry the same impact as the student receiving an F for a class. The only exceptions to this rule are: a) the drop is recommended by the classroom teacher because the student is unable to successfully complete the assigned work due to lack of ability in the subject matter; or b) the parent provides a documented medical reason why the student is unable to complete the class. The Lincoln Lutheran administration will make the final determination for any WF/W grading questions.

Year-long classes can only be dropped at the end of the first semester/beginning of the second semester for the two reasons stated above.

Monitoring of Academic Progress 

Lincoln Lutheran will work in partnership with parents in monitoring student academic progress and addressing academic concerns. Parents are encouraged to use PowerSchool to regularly and frequently monitor their student’s academic achievement, and to work with their student as soon as academic issues might surface. Lincoln Lutheran Administration will periodically monitor student progress and address issues with students as they surface.

Quarter Grading System

Lincoln Lutheran operates on a quarter grading system. If no semester exam is given in a class the semester grade is determined by averaging the two quarter grades, with each quarter grade counting one-half (50%) of the semester grade. If a semester exam is given the semester grade is determined by averaging the two quarter grades with the semester exam grade, with the two quarter grades counting equally toward the semester grade. The semester exam will not count more than 20% of the semester grade.

Grading Scale

  • 93-100% A 4.00
  • 90-92% A- 3.67
  • 87-89% B+ 3.33
  • 83-86% B 3.00
  • 80-82% B- 2.67
  • 77-79% C+ 2.33
  • 73-76% C 2.00
  • 70-72% C- 1.67
  • 67-69% D+ 1.33
  • 63-66% D 1.00
  • 60-62% D- 0.67
  • Under 60% F 0.00
  • Satisfactory Progress S 1.0
  • Unsatisfactory Progress X 0.0

 A Satisfactory Progress (S) is given if: Average below a 65% but is achieving to ability.

An Unsatisfactory Progress (X) is given if: Achieving at least two grade levels below ability

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades will only be given when extraordinary circumstances exist that make it impossible for a student to complete his or her work by the end of a grading period. If a student receives an incomplete (“I”), the grade will change to an “F” if the incomplete is not made up by the end of the second week after the end of the grading period in which the “I” was received. Making up the work is the student’s responsibility, but teachers will assist the students in any way possible.

Pass/No Record

Junior and Senior students may choose to take a class on a Pass/No Record (P/NR) basis. See the Pass/No Record Policy for restrictions on which classes can be taken on a Pass/No Record basis and what requirements must be met to earn the Pass/No Record grade.

Semester Grade Reports

Lincoln Lutheran does not mail Quarter Report Cards unless requested by parents. Parents are encouraged to check PowerSchool on a regular, frequent basis to monitor their student’s progress and identify any areas that need improvement. Parents will receive a printed grade report via mail at the end of each semester. Semester grades are permanent to a student’s record. If a student repeats a class the higher of the two grades will count toward the student’s grade point average.

Performance Expectations and Academic Probation

Any student who has failed two or more classes in any one semester will be notified in writing they are being placed on Academic Probation. The academic progress of students placed on Academic Probation will be closely monitored during the next semester.

If a student on Academic Probation fails more than one class in the following semester, parents may be notified that the child is refused enrollment at Lincoln Lutheran for the next term. Students who are verified as learning disabled and are receiving resource assistance will be granted a “special review” if they are in danger of being placed on refused enrollment status.

Students who are placed on refused enrollment status for the next term may re-apply for enrollment at a later date and be subject to all new-student enrollment procedures, including successful academic progress at another educational institution.

Full-Time Student Classification

A student must intend to be a full-time student at Lincoln Lutheran to enroll. A full-time student is one who is enrolled in a credit-earning class for at least seven periods. The seven credit-earning class total can be reached by combining Lincoln Lutheran classes and coursework from other educational resources (with a minimum enrollment in five Lincoln Lutheran credit-earning classes per semester).

Enrollment in Off-Campus Classes

Students are allowed to enroll in classes at other schools, such as Lincoln Public Schools or local colleges and universities. Students may take off-campus classes when Lincoln Lutheran cannot provide the class or its equivalent.

Alternative Schedule Privilege (ASP) 

Alternative Schedule Privilege is based on grade point average determined by Lincoln Lutheran administration, progress toward graduation and behavioral maturity, and may be revoked at any time by the Lincoln Lutheran Administration. Eligible seniors may apply to participate in an alternative schedule period, allowing them to leave campus. Seniors who do not choose to leave campus during their ASP are required to remain in the Commons, Media Center, or other area designated by the Administration. Students may not loiter in the halls, parking lot, or other areas during their ASP time. Students remaining on campus during ASP are expected to follow the Electronic Devices policy.

A senior must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 credit-earning Lincoln Lutheran classes and a total of 7 credit-earning classes per semester. If a senior is taking class(es) for credit at an area high school or college, they can request permission from the Administration for one free period in addition to the number of classes they will take at an off-campus location. If taking courses at an off-campus site, the senior would be allowed, and limited to, taking their ASP during a time of the day when the off-campus class(es) meets. Academic opportunities outside the limitations of this policy may be appealed to the Lincoln Lutheran Administration.

ASP will be suspended during special school-wide mandatory assemblies (speakers, events, or special Chapels) and students are expected to be in attendance, even if the period before or after the event is “alternatively scheduled.” Any student taking class at another school during the time of the special assembly must make arrangements with the Administration regarding their obligations.

Loss of ASP will take place when a student:

  1. Skips or is tardy for a class or mandatory activity when returning from ASP.
  2. Has any failing grade(s).
  3. Is refferred to the office for discriplinary reasons.

Open Lunch

All seniors and their parents must agree to “open lunch” rules before being allowed to leave the campus during their lunch period.