Academic Information


The sixth grade core curriculum consists of Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Religion, Science and Social Studies. Sixth grade students also take one period of Exploratory classes and music. Sixth grade students may take band or a study hall.

The seventh and eighth grade core curriculum consists of English, Mathematics, Religion, Science and Social Studies, as well as two periods of Exploratory classes. Students may also take Band and/or Choir or a Study Hall.

Grading Guidelines

Lincoln Lutheran has adopted Grading Guidelines that will be applied uniformly by all teachers. Please see the Grading Guidelines document   for more information.

Monitoring of Academic Progress

Lincoln Lutheran will work  in partnership with parents in monitoring student academic progress and addressing academic concerns. Parents are encouraged to use PowerSchool to regularly and frequently monitor their student’s academic achievement, and to work with their student as soon as academic issues might surface. Lincoln Lutheran Administration will periodically monitor student progress and address issues with students as they surface. Students not working up to their potential may  be required to spend time working with teachers after school.

Quarter Grading System

Lincoln Lutheran operates on a quarter grading system. If no semester exam is given in a class the semester grade is determined by averaging the two quarter grades, with each quarter grade counting one-half (50%) of the semester grade. If a semester exam is given the semester grade is determined by averaging the two quarter grades with the semester exam grade, with the two quarter grades counting equally toward the semester grade. The semester exam will not count more than 20% of the semester grade.

Semester Grade Reports

Lincoln Lutheran does not mail Quarter Report Cards unless requested by parents. Parents are encouraged to check PowerSchool on a regular, frequent basis to monitor their student’s progress and identify any areas that need improvement. Parents will receive a printed grade report via mail at the end of each semester. Semester grades are permanent on a student’s record. If a student repeats a class the higher of the two grades will count toward the student’s grade point average.

Honor Roll 

Honor Rolls are determined at the end of each semester.  Students whose semester grade point average is between 3.50 and 3.74 qualify for the Honor Roll.  Students whose semester grade point average is equal to or above 3.75 qualify for High Honor Roll. Incomplete Grades

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades will only be given when extraordinary circumstances exist that make it impossible for a student to complete his or her work by the end of a grading period. If a student receives an incomplete (“I”), the grade will change to an “F” if the incomplete is not made up by the end of the second week after the end of the grading period in which the “I” was received. Making up the work is the student’s responsibility, but teachers will assist the students in any way possible.

Grading Scale

93-100% A 4.00

90-92% A- 3.67

87-89% B+ 3.33

83-86% B 3.00

80-82% B- 2.67

77-79% C+ 2.33

73-76% C 2.00

70-72% C- 1.67

67-69% D+ 1.33

63-66% D 1.00

60-62% D- 0.67

Under 60% F 0.00

Satisfactory Progress S 1.00 Average below a 60% but is achieving to ability

Unsatisfactory Progress X 0.00 Achieving at least two grade levels below ability

Performance Expectations and Academic Probation

Any student in Middle School who has failed two or more classes in any one semester will be notified in writing they are being placed on Academic Probation. The academic progress of students placed on Academic Probation will be closely monitored during the next semester. 

If a student on Academic Probation fails more than one class in the following semester, parents may be notified that the child is refused enrollment at Lincoln Lutheran for the next term.

Students who are verified as learning disabled, have an IEP, and are receiving resource assistance will be granted a “special review” if they are in danger of being placed on refused enrollment status.

Students who are placed on “refused enrollment” status for the next term may re-apply for enrollment  at a later date and be subject to all new-student enrollment procedures, including successful academic progress at another educational institution.

Full-Time Student Classification

A student must intend to be a full-time student at Lincoln Lutheran to enroll. A full-time student is one who is enrolled in a credit-earning class for at least seven periods.