Related General Information in Regard to Behavior


Lincoln Lutheran reserves the right to conduct a search of lockers, book bags, gym bags, automobiles,electronic devices, or other personal belongings. School lockers remain the exclusive property of Lincoln Lutheran. Students are given the privilege of using these lockers within guidelines set by the school. The Principal and other staff members may conduct locker searches at any time. Any student wishing to use a lock on any school locker should use a school-issued lock.

All searches will be conducted with care and concern for the student involved. A student’s personal belongings will not be searched in public.


Any staff member has the right to confiscate inappropriate material from a student. This includes material that could be disruptive or distracting or is dangerous or illegal. Any confiscated material will be given to the Lincoln Lutheran Administration. Staff members are to use discretion in deciding how to handle individual situations and may consult with the Principal if they are unsure about the danger or legality of the material. The proper authorities will be notified when unlawful items or materials are confiscated.


In cases involving theft, vandalism, or property misconduct, students are expected to return money or property taken, and to pay for the repair or replacement of property damaged. 

The Principal will determine the restitution and notify the student and parents as soon as possible. Restitution will be made within a specified amount of time or additional consequences may be imposed. Alternate forms of restitution may be imposed, if appropriate, and after consultation with and approval of the parents. Failure to meet the terms of restitution may constitute grounds for suspension and/or expulsion.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment involves the use or threat of physical force for punishment. Lincoln Lutheran does not allow or condone corporal punishment as a consequence of its behavior guidelines. 

EXCEPTION: A staff member may use reasonable force for self-defense or the protection of others.

Due Process

  1. If a student or parent has a question or needs clarification about a classroom matter or any disciplinary procedures, or if they feel that due process is not being followed, contact should be made with the staff member involved.

    2. If, after a conference with the staff member involved, the student or parent seeks further discussion, the matter should be addressed to the Principal.

    3. If addressing the matter with the Principal does not bring resolution to the issue, the student or parent may request the matter be brought to the Executive Director.

    4. If addressing the matter with the Executive Director does not bring resolution to the issue, the student or parent may request the matter be brought before the Board of Directors by indicating so to the Executive Director. The Executive Director and the President of the Board of Directors will make arrangements for such action.

    5. The Board of Directors will render a decision in the matter that will be considered final.

Right to Privacy

Students and parents have a right to have all phases of disciplinary procedures handled as discreetly as possible. Staff members may discuss students and their behavior professionally in an effort to help the student. The Principal will use discretion in sharing pertinent information about students with school staff. A student’s behavior file is considered confidential. Contents will be shared only with the student, his parents, and appropriate professionals and staff members.

Before and After School

Prior to 15 minutes before classes begin and beyond 30 minutes after school is dismissed for the day, students are asked to remain in the Commons and out of hallways and classrooms, unless they are working with a specific faculty or staff member. Families are encouraged to drop students off after 7:30 a.m. and pick students up by 3:45    p.m. Supervision beyond the school day is limited and parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. Students in grades 6-8 may be required to enroll and participate in a Lincoln Lutheran after school care program if they are not involved in an activity and cannot be picked up by 3:45 pm. There will be an additional cost to families for such a program.

Technology Use

Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School has implemented a set of technology use guidelines intended toprotect the hardware and software owned by Lincoln Lutheran and to direct faculty, staff, and student computer use in ways consistent with Christian stewardship. Each user shall act in an appropriate manner consistent with the goals and mission of our school. Each user is responsible for their use of computing resources.

Lincoln Lutheran has established policy standards regarding the use and copying of data, application software, Internet use and access, and computer security. All students who will be using the computers at school must have a Technology Use Agreement signed by both a parent and the student on file in the office. Other interested parties are encouraged to contact the Technology Coordinator or the Principal for a copy of these policies.

Media Center

  • Students will be allowed to use the Media Center when a staff member is present forsupervision. The student will need a pass from the appropriate teacher or permission from the Media Specialist. 
  • Library or media materials shall remain in the Media Center unless properly checked out.
  • When receiving a pass from a teacher to be used during study hall, the pass must first be shown to the study hall supervisor. The study hall supervisor may write a pass for a student to visit the Media Center. Only individuals who desire to use media resources are allowed in the Media Center.
  • The copying machine in the Media Center may be used with permission from the Media Specialist.
  • When checking out material(s), students are expected to follow posted guidelines.
  • After using library or media materials, students are to place them in the designated areas.
  • Students who violate Media Center guidelines may receive misbehavior consequences and/or lose Media Center privileges.

Study Hall

Study hall is offered at Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School for students who desire an opportunity during the school day for quiet study time. It is a class like any other with guidelines students are expected to follow.

The following guidelines will be used:

  • Study hall is only for quiet study or reading time. Students should come to study hall with materials to study or something to read. Students arriving in study hall with nothing to do will be provided work by the study hall supervisor.
  • A sign-out sheet should be used as directed by the study hall supervisor. Students should sign back in to study hall prior to the end of the class period.
  • Students should be seated immediately in their assigned seat.
  • Students must have a pass from a teacher to go to another classroom, the library or the office.
  • Study Hall is not nap time. Please nap at home.
  • Talking by permission from study hall teacher only.
  • Any additional guidelines developed specifically by the study hall supervisor will be shared with the students on the first day.


All music played within the Lincoln Lutheran community, or used for performance purposes, will reflect our Christian principles.