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Trap Club Results - Sat, Apr. 21

Congratulations to the East/L.L. Trap Club for their 3rd place finish for High Over All Team scoring on Saturday, Apr. 21.  Their Senior #1 team is made up of Luke Scholl, Dustin Krauel, Mitch Hinkley, Trevor Gordon and Carson Kettelhake.  Carson was the High Over All Champion with a 95/100 and a 20/20 in the shoot-off.

Sports Physicals

Executive Summary: 
Sports Physicals - @ Dr. Todd Martin's office (1600 S. 48th - suite 400)

Trap Club Results - Sat, March 31

Carson Kettlehake won the 22-23 yard handicap event with a 45/50 performance and then beat two others in a shoot-off 10-8-8, and he won High-Over-All runner-up with a 91/100, finishing with a 20-18 shoot-off as well.

Trap Club Results - Sat, March 24

A good day for the trap team. Carson Kettlehake won the 16 yard singles championship shooting 50/50 targets, took the Handicap runner-up medal with 46/50 from the 25-yard line, had the High-Overall Championship shooting 96/100, and was a team member who, along with Luke Scholl from Lincoln Lutheran, and Dustin Krauel, Mitch Hinkley, and Trevor Gordon from Lincoln East, took home 4th-place medals in the Senior Team 16-yard competition.

Trap Club Results - Sat, March 17

Congratulations go to Carson Kettlehake, who shot for the East/Lincoln Lutheran Trap Club and won 2nd place at the 24-25 yard distance during the Eastern Cornhusker Trapshooting Conference opener at Lincoln Trap & Skeet on Saturday, March 17.

Strength & Conditioning Program (non-basketball athletes)

Warrior Strength &  Conditioning


-Winter & Spring 2011/2012-


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Winter Strength & Conditioning - ALL athletes

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Daily Workout Schedule



Winter Booster Bash

Executive Summary: 
Winter Booster Bash - booster supper begins at 5:00pm - scrimmages start at 5:30.

Winter Booster Bash - booster supper begins at 5:00pm - scrimmages start at 5:30. 

Football Fields Cut!

8/3 & 8/6

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Runza-KLKN Athlete of the Month

Ashley Brozek was awarded Runza-KLKN Athlete of the Month on Thursday, May 5.  Watch her on TV - Channel 8, Mon. night (May 9).  She was surprised by a camera crew from Channel 8 in her Spanish class on Thursday.  Congratulations Ashley!