Legacy Society

What will be the costs associated with Lutheran education in the years to come?

The Legacy Society is an opportunity to celebrate our biblical calling to enrich community and meet the needs of others in their seasons of life.  What a great opportunity we have as Christians to be a blessing today, tomorrow, and forever.

The Legacy Society is an honorary group that provides a means by which the Lutheran Education Foundation can say "thank you" during life, for generous intentions and plans established now that are not likely to materialize during a person's earthly sojourn.

Those who have chosen to be recognized have done so for the purpose of encouraging others to discover their legacy of generosity.


The Legacy Society is a group of donors with a passion for Christian education.  They have designated a gift to the Lutheran Education Foundation in their estate plan through a bequest, life insurance, transfer of real estate or other appropriate planning tool.                                              

 "We are very passionate about Lincoln Lutheran.  When Lincoln Lutheran expanded to include high school the Lord   'tapped' us on the shoulder and said we were to send our three daughters.  We questioned how we could do it   with tuition and ‚Äčdriving 60 miles each day.  But the Lord provided!  Our current and lifetime giving through gift planning is a statement about what God has done and a gift of gratitude." - Mark and Kathie Divine

"Certainly there are many worthy causes out there, but Lutheran education is very important to us.  Sara attended Trinity Lutheran Elementary in Lincoln as well as Lincoln Lutheran Junior High, and her late father was instrumental in getting Lincoln Lutheran High School started.  Our three daughters would attend elementary school at Christ Schools in Lincoln, and would eventually attend Lincoln Lutheran Middle and High Schools.  Our family benefited from Christ-centered education and we could think of no better way to provide these opportunities for future generations than to designate the Lutheran Education Foundation in our estate plan." - Mark and Sara Fahleson

"After watching our kids grow and develop into young adults from their experiences at Messiah Lutheran and Lincoln Lutheran, we have designated the Lutheran Education Foundation as a beneficiary in our estate plan.  We can't think of a better gift than seeing future generations benefit from Christian schools with adequate resources for good teachers & facilities." - Mike and Susan Staab

Any one who chooses to donate to Lutheran Education Foundation through either a planned or deferred estate gift is automatically eligible for membership in the Legacy Society.  Membership in the society will include:

  • Celebration and recognition in publications such as newsletters, annual reports, and on LEF website
  • Invitation to recognition events for all members providing an opportunity to network and celebrate their support of Lutheran Education Foundation
  • Advocating for the society - refer/recruit additional members when possible and appropriate

Members will receive ongoing information regarding planned gifts and available opportunities.

Ways to become a member

  • Life Insurance
  • Bequest
  • Retirement Plan Assets
  • Family Gift Fund
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Revocable Trust
  • Life Estate Reserved
  • Donor Advised Fund

If you have designated LEF in your gift planning and would like to be a member of the Legacy Society please print and fill out the enrollment form below and mail to us.  (you many choose to remain anonymous)

If you would like more information please contact Lloyd W Wagnitz at 402-467-5404 or email at lwagnitz@lincolnlutheran.org


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