Legacy Society Members

Those who have chosen to be recognized have done so for the purpose of encouraging others to discover their legacy of generosity.

Kevin and Julie Bachman
Clarence and Loretta* Bangert
​Dennis Bartels*
Hattie Bartels*
Ray Becker*
Beulah Bedke*
Dennis and Joan Brink
Mark and Kathie Divine
Barbara Endorf*
Dennis Engelbart*
Deverne and Ruth Ernstmeyer*
Scott ('89) and Sara Ernstmeyer
Mark and Sara ('83) Fahleson
Marie Francis*
Lilly Frost*
Don and Carmen Grant
Gloria Hankel*
Dan and Marj Heibel*
Tom and Denise ('73) Hertzel
Gwendell Hohensee
​Mark and Debra Kisker
​Neal and Patricia Koch
Cliff and Julie Kreizel
Arnim and Florence Kumm*
Kenneth and Barbara Leymaster
Wayne and Wanda Lillich*
Donald and Lawana Lohrberg*
Richard Middendorf*
Alvin Norden*
Margaret Paschold*
Robert and Karen Ravenscroft
Ivadelle Repschlaeger*
Chris and Angie Schaedel
Robert and Wini Schaedel
​Allan and Sandra Schmidt
Dale and Florence Schmidt
Nathan and Sarah Schmidt
Mary Schudel* 
Paul Schudel
​Henry and Josephine Schwalm*
Mike and Susan Staab
​Gladys Stinson*
Steve and June Taege
Lloyd and Susan Wagnitz
Kent and Sue Weishahn
Randy and Charlene Wilcox

​List as of January 2017

*Members called home to be with their Lord
Alumni are designated with (year)