Warriors Family Call to Action Advances

LB670 - Call to Action - Bill Advances [read more]

NCPA Academic All-State Award for Spring

NCPA Academic All-State Award for Spring [read more]

2018-2019 Student Council

Thank you to those 8th-11th graders who chose to run for Student Council for next year. It shows your desire to serve and to lead.  Hopefully you all realize there are plenty of opportunities to do both, regardless of an elected position. Every student here at LL can use the talents and opportunities God gives them to help to improve our school and community, and many do. The students chosen by their classmates to represent their class on next year’s Student Council will be: (click "view" for names)

Senior class: Grant Donovan, Jacob Meyer, Allie Shambaugh-Miller, Rachel Ziems
Junior class: Leah Bassett, Alayna Bergt, Ty Donovan, Tanner Lebo
Sophomore class: Derek Brockhaus, Grace Fahleson, Christa Grimpo, Matthew Lavicky
Freshman class: Max Bartels, Shanae Bergt, Nathan Fry, Noel Steinbauer

Mia Luong will serve as representative for our international students as well.