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Mr. Roeber meets his Hero

Anyone who knows Mr. Roeber knows that he has two heroes, Norm Abram and Red Green.  He had the chance to meet one of those heroes at the Lied Center here in Lincoln on Tuesday May 15th.  One of the parents of a Lincoln Lutheran student works at the Lied Center and was able to get Mr. Roeber backstage before Red Green performed in Lincoln as part of his "Wit and Wisdom Tour".  

Every year at Lincoln Lutheran's Awards Ceremony, Mr. Roeber gives a Red Green Award to one student who is able to be crafty and make stuff work.  For those that know Red Green, the prize that comes with the award is naturally a roll of duct tape.

Mr. Roeber had a few things to say about the show:

"The guy was funny as all get out. He was the kind of guy you'd like to have as a friend." He also wanted to say thank you to a few people who made the show possible for him.  "I thank the school for buying the tickets, and I thank the faculty for going with me.  It was really great."


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