Site redesign information


The purpose of the Lincoln Lutheran website is to easily communicate information in order to (1)  promote involement, (2) encourage enrollment and (3) support our ministry.

Target Audience:

In no particular order, the people that we want to reach and draw into the purpose of the website are: Current Families, Alumni, Prospective Families and Association Members.


Wireframes are meant to show functionality only. Where design is implied it is a limitation of the wireframe tool and not a reflection of a design preference. Although position of elements is implied, we are open to other options.

Homepage (interactive version) Interior Page (interactive version)
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Wireframes are also available for Section Pages and Activity Pages.


Site Wide Navigation is accomplished via the navigation bar below the logo. This is a single level menu (not a drop down menu) and leads to one of the main sections of the site. This menu may also allow for quick access to parts of the site that do not fall directly into one of the main sections via icons on the left hand side of the menu.

Secondary Navigation is accomplished via a menu specific to one of the 6 main sections. These links will be duplicated on the section landing page. This menu can be located on the left or right at the designers discretion.

Tools: Tools like search, contact and login (3 separate logins) should be visible and available on every page. We are also interested in incorporating a "quick links" tool to allow visitors to self select the content they visit frequently and provide easy access to that content. This could be provided as a fly-out element that is not associated with the site wide or secondary navigation.

Information Architecture

Through a series of online and face-to-face card sorts conducted with our faculty, parents and students we've come up with the following list of main sections. Attempting to expand or contract this list has led to more confusion on the part of our users over where a particular piece of information should be found.

  • About Us: general information about the school
  • Admissions: information primarily of interest to perspective families
  • Academics: information about courses
  • Student Life: information on activities, athletics and the other non-academic things that we do
  • Alumni: information for and about our alumni.
  • Support LL: information about furthering the mission of Lincoln Lutheran

You can view the individual menus by logging in to drupal then clicking on the main menu items above. If you don't have a username/password, you can use guest/guest. If you do not see the menu on the left, then you are not logged in. Note that we do not anticipate showing the full menu on the left in the production version, just the current main-section and below.

Websites we like

These sites represent layouts that we like, not necessarily themes that we like.

Homepages Interior Pages
University of Louisville
Oklahoma Wesleyan
Stony Brook
Episcopal High School Of Jacksonville
College Preparatory School
The Webb School
University of Louisville
Cornell University
Oklahoma Wesleyan University


We think that 95% of our site can be setup using 4 templates. Optional templates could also be requested, perhaps at a later date:

Required templates

  • Homepage (including several type nodes that are viewed on the homepage)
  • General interior page to cover most of the content (including several types of blocks).
  • Wide Interior page for pages like the calendar that do not fit comfortably on a normal interior page.
  • Activity page (activities will use the panels module to incorporate information from across the site)

Optional templates/theming

  • Main section landing page (these could use normal internal pages)
  • Calendar page (theme the calendar to match the site. This might just involve colors.)
  • Views (theme several generic view to match the site to be used across the site)

Petty Details

  • Design for a width of 960px (the design should look nice on screens that are 1280 pixels wide, but be usable on screens that are 1024 pixels wide).
  • Include a prominent "urgent message" block that appears in a uniform place on all pages when activated.