Technology Resources

General ideas for video projectors:

  • Incorporate images into a lesson
  • Incorporate sounds into a lesson
  • Incorporate video into a lesson
  • Use a document camera to:
    • Demonstrate a procedure (how to dissect a frog, how to mix paints...)
    • Show original source documents
    • Show fine details to the entire class
  • Do something together as a class:
    • Explore a website
    • Play a game
    • Use Google Earth or interactive maps to explore
    • Edit a paper
  • When you can't take your class to a computer lab
  • Improve classroom procedures:
    • Taking attendance
    • Timing activities
    • Assigning groups
    • Changing seating charts
    • Lesson Starter (Anticipatory Set, Set Induction)
  • Display student work
  • Writing Prompt (text, image, sound, video)
  • Lauren's Ideas:
    • Pinata
    • Emergency lighthouse
    • Shadow puppets
    • Blind intruders

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Just for Fun:

  • Wordle: change words into a picture