Recomended iPad Apps



  1. Apps we originally installed on all of the teacher iPads *
  2. Apps that Matt will expect you to have (and presumably use) ^^^
  3. Paid apps that Lincoln Lutheran initially provided can be put on new teachers iPads. See Lloyd for details.
  4. Feel free to substitute other apps with similar functionality that you like better.




  • Dropbox: Store and sync files between all your desktop and mobile devices.* ^^^
  • Evernote: Store and sync notes between all your desktop and mobile devices. *
  • Find my iPhone: Finds lost/stolen iPhones, iPads & iPod Touches.* ^^^
  • Calculator: There are lots of these. This one has high ratings. *
  • InstaWeb: Convert a website to PDF. $2.99 (or try URL2PDF for $0.99)
  • Scanner Pro: Corrects for skew and converts to PDF. Highly recommended.  $6.99 *
  • PDF Forms: Fill out PDF forms from your iPad and share them. $8.99
  • OmniFocus: Create and maintain to-do lists and projects. $39.99 (or Wunderlist for free)
  • iCab Mobile: A browser with some upload capabilities to use with Moodle. $1.99 *

Google Tools:

  • Google Drive: Access and work with your Google Drive documents on the iPad (not as full featured as web version) ^^^
  • Gmail: You can access your Gmail account through the built in iPad mail program or this app (a matter of preference)
  • Google Maps: Arguably a better map application than comes with the iPad
  • Google Earth: If you don't know what this is, just download it already. *
  • Google: Single app for accessing most Google tools (Search, Calendar, Gmail...)
  • List of all Google Apps: If you want other or individual Google apps.

Productivity software:

  • Pages: Apple's word processor for the iPad $9.99 (now free) *
  • Keynote: Apple's presentation software for the iPad $9.99 (now free) *
  • Numbers: Apple's spreadsheet for the iPad $9.99 (now free)  *
  • iMovie: Apple's video editing software for the iPad $4.99 (now free)  *
  • iPhoto: Apple's photo editing software for iPad $4.99 (now free)  *
  • Garage Band: Apple's Musical instrument sort-of software (way cool). $4.99
  • Smart Office 2: View, create & edit Microsoft Office documents. $9.99

Whiteboard type drawing apps: (one of these) ^^^

  • Penultimate: integrates well with Evernote. *
  • Draw Pad Pro: Does sketching well $2.99 *
  • Noteabilty: Can write on PDFs and add voice notes (Lloyd likes this one) $1.99 *
  • neu.Annotate+: Can write on PDFs $1.99 *
  • ShowMe: Very simple, record voice over whiteboard, can upload and share *
  • Educreations: Very simple, record voice over whiteboard, can upload and share (yeah, a lot like ShowMe) *
  • Infinite Whiteboard Free: What it sounds like. Neat idea, takes some getting used to.
  • Infinite Whiteboard: Same app without the ads. $0.99
  • PaperDesk: Highly rated note taking app (paid version syncs with everything)

Classroom Utilities:

  • PowerTeacher: PowerSchool's iPad gradebook. * ^^^
  • Pointer: Mirrors whatever is on your computer and provides a laser pointer
  • Classroom Timer: Time things (displayed visually for students) $0.99 *
  • Decible Meter: Measure how loud your classroom is getting? I don't know.
  • Skype: Video Conferencing.

Presentation tools

  • Prezi: Work with your Prezi presentation. *
  • SlideShark: Suppose to be really good for displaying PowerPoints on an iPad
  • MindMeister: Mind mapping software.
  • Keynote Remote: Control keynote on your Mac/iPad from your iPhone/iPod. $0.99 *

Content Access:

  • TED: Application for access TED talk presentations. (or you can use their website) *
  • Khan Academy: Application for accessing Kahn Academy lessons.
  • YouTube: Access YouTube content (see below).
  • ProTuber: Everyone says this is much better than the official one above.
  • Wolfram Alpha: Mobile app for accessing Wolfram Alpha datasets $2.99 *

Professional Development:

  • Flipboard: Create your own personal magazine from sources that you would like to keep up on. *
  • Twitter: If you're using it like Facebook, you're doing it wrong. Use it for Professional Development. *

Finding Great Apps:

  • AppStart: Sort of a welcome to the world of apps. Highly recommended.
  • AppAdvice: Review of apps, lists of the best apps in lots of categories. $1.99
  • AppsGoneFree: Daily list of the best apps that are temporarily free. Highly recommended.


  • Facebook: Um, how would your describe it? *
  • Pinterest: If you're into that sort of thing. *
  • Yelp: Review of local restaurants and other venues.
  • Craigslist: Local classified ads on the internet.
  • Pandora: Create your own radio station based on genre or artist(s). DO NOT USE DURING SCHOOL DAY!