Directions to Events

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If you are unable to use google maps, original directions are available here.

Abbott Sports Complex
7600 N 70th, Lincoln, NE

Arlington - Camp Fontanelle
9677 County Road 3, Nickerson, NE

1824 Furnas Street, Ashland, NE

Ashland Country Club (Golf)
16119 Hwy 6, NE

1829 Central Avenue, Auburn, NE

600 Orange Boulevard, Beatrice, NE

Beatrice (Golf) Tri County Golf at Hidden Acres Golf Course
5536 W Lilac Road, Beatrice, NE

11620 N 156th, Bennington, NE

Bishop Neumann
-see entry under Wahoo Bishop Neumann.

Boys Town (Cross Country)
Crawford Street, Boys Town, Douglas, Nebraska 68010

- see entry under East Butler.

3245 S 37th, Lincoln, NE

Cedar Bluffs
110 East Main, Cedar Bluffs, NE

Centennial (Utica)
1301 Centennial Avenue, Utica, NE

Central City
1510 28th Street, Central City, NE

Central Christian (Omaha)
1722 South 16th Street, Omaha, NE

College Central Academy
5240 Calvert Sreet, Lincoln, NE

Columbus, NE

Columbus - Christ
122 Avenue, Bismark, Platte, NE

Columbus - Christ
32312 122nd Avenue, Columbus, NE

Columbus - Immanuel
2520 28th Street, Columbus, NE

Concordia University
800 N Columbia, Seward, NE

David City
750 D Street, David City, NE

David City Aquinas
3420 Main Road/Hwy 15, David City, NE

See entry under Tri County

Doane College
See entry Crete High School

Woodland Hills Golf Course, Eagle, NE

East Butler (Brainard)
212 S. Madison, Butler, NE

Elkhorn High School
711 Veterans, Elkhorn, NE

300 Wyoming Street, Murdock, NE

Exter-Milligan (Golf)
See entry at Freind

Fairbury High School
1501 9th street, Fairbury, NE 

Falls City
1400 Fulton Sreet, Fairbury, NE 

Filmore Central
See entry under Geneva

Fort Calhoun
1506 Lincoln Street, Fort Calhoun, NE 

Freeman (Adams/Filey)
415 Eighth Street, Adams, NE 

Fremont Bergan
545 East 4th Street, Freemont, NE 

1546 N Luther Road, Freemont, NE 

501 Main Street, Friend, NE 

Geneva-Filmore Central
1410 L Street, Geneva, NE

Grand Island Central Catholic
1200 Ruby, Grand Island, NE

Grand Island Trinity
208 W 13th Street, Grand Island, NE

11705 South 216th Street, Gretna, NE

Hastings High
1100 West 14th Street, Hastings, NE 

Hastings St. Cecilia
521 N Kansas Street, Hastings, NE 

10th & Eads Avenue, Hebron, NE 

1501 Front Street, Henderson, NE 

Kearney Catholic
110 E 35th Street, Kearney, NE

Kearney (UNK)
2800 19th Avenue, Kearney, NE

Lincoln Christian
5801 S. 84th Street, Lincoln, NE

Lincoln (Crooked Creek Golf Course)
333 S. 134th Street, Lincoln, NE

Lincoln Pius X
6000 A Street, Lincoln, NE

Louisville High School
202 West 3rd Street, Louisvile, NE

Lutheran High Northeast (Norfolk)
2010 N 37th, Norfolk, NE

10002 NW 112th, Malcom, NE

301 G, MIlford, NE

Mount Micheal Benedictine High
22520 Mt. Micheal Road, Elkhorn, NE

See entry under Conestoga

Nebraska City High
141 Steinhart Park Road, Nebraska City, NE

Nebraska Lutheran High School -Waco
203 Kendall Street, Waco, NE

Nebraska Weslyan
1100 N 56th Street, Lincoln, NE

Nemaha Valley -Cook
407 N 1st Street, Cook, NE

See under Lutheran Northeast

Norris -Firth
25211 S 68th Street, Firth, NE

Odell (Diller)
506 Perry Street, Odell, NE

Omaha Burke
12200 Burke Boulevard, Omaha, NE

Omaha Central Christian
1722 South 16th Street, Omaha, NE

Omaha Skutt Catholic
3131 S 156th, Omaha, NE

Parkview Christian
4400 N 1st, Lincoln, NE

Peru State College
600 Hoyt Street, Peru, NE

Pioneer's Park
3201 South Coddington Avenue, Lincoln, NE

3201 South Coddington Avenue

14801 S 108th Street, Springfield, NE

1916 E. Hwy. 34

Raymond Central
1800 W Agnew Road, Raymond, NE

Sandy Creek
Nebraska 14, Fairfield, Clay, NE

401 Adams Street, Schuyler, NE

400 Pebble Street, Scribner, NE

Seacrest Field
7400 A Street, Lincoln, NE

Seward Elementary School
200 E. Pinewood, Seward, NE

Seward Middle School
237 N. 3rd Street, Seward, NE

Seward Senior High
532 Northern Heights, Seward, NE

Southern HS
115 S 11th, Wymore, NE

St. John
7601 Vine Street, Lincoln, NE

St. Lutheran
877 N. Columbia, Seward, NE

St. Joseph
1940 S 77th, Lincoln, NE

St. Patrick
61st and Morrill Avenue, Lincoln, NE

St. Paul
1305 Howard, Street, St. Paul, NE

St. Peter
4500 Duxhall Drive, Lincoln, NE

601 W 8th Street, Superior, NE

407 N. 1st Street, Syracuse, NE

358 N 6th, Tecumseh, NE

Tri County (DeWitt)
72520 Hwy. 103, Dewitt, NE

Tri County Golf
See entry under Beatrice

Utica Centennial High School
See entry under Centennial

Utica St. Paul
1100 D Street, Utica, NE

401 S Pine, Valley, NE

Valparaiso, NE

See entry under Nebraska Lutheran High School

Wahoo Bishop Neumann
Wahoo Bishop Neumann, Wahoo, 202 Linden Avenue, NE

Wahoo Public Schools
Wahoo Public Schools, 2201 North Locust Street, Wahoo, NE

13401 Amberly Road, Waverly, NE

Weeping Water
204 West O Street, Weeping Water, NE

900 S Franklin St, Wilber, NE

1005 Duke Drive, York, NE

1200 2nd Street, Yutan, NE





Abbott Sports Complex (7600 N 70th)

Approximately 1½ miles north of 70th & Hwy. 6 (Cornhusker Hwy). Complex on the east side of the road.

Arlington - Camp Fontanelle (9677 County Road 3) Approx. 75 miles

(Cross Country) Take Hwy. 77 to Fremont. From Fremont follow US-77 North for approximately 7 miles and turn right onto NE-91. Stay on 91 for about 4 miles and turn right onto 8th Street, which turns into County Road 3. You will only travel about 1 ½ miles and you will be at Camp Fontanelle.

Ashland-Greenwood (1824 Furnas Street) 24 miles

Take Hwy. 6 east from Lincoln to Ashland. Turn left (north) off Hwy. 6 onto Hwy. 63 at Ashland. Continue north on Hwy. 63 to Furnas Street (the last street on the north edge of Ashland). Turn left (west) off Furnas Street and continue west for three blocks or so.

Ashland Country Club (Golf) (16119 Hwy 6) 22 miles

Take Hwy. 6 east from Lincoln toward Ashland. The golf course is on the south side of Highway 6 about 2 miles west of Ashland.

Auburn (1829 Central Avenue) 73 miles

Take Hwy. 2 east to Nebraska City to the intersection of Hwy. 2 & Hwy. 75. Turn right (south) on Hwy. 75. Go approximately 20 miles to Auburn. In the middle of town (stop light) Hwy. 75 intersects with Hwy. 136. Turn right (west), go 6 blocks to Auburn High School on west side of the Hwy. Golf course is one mile south of Auburn on Hwy 75.

Beatrice (600 Orange Blvd.) 45 miles

Take Hwy. 77 south into Beatrice. Turn east on Hwy. 136 and continue east to Scott Street.

(Golf) Tri County Golf at Hidden Acres Golf Course (5536 W Lilac Rd.) Miles 49
Take Hwy. 77 south to Beatrice. Turn right onto US-136 (NE-4, Court Street) Go 4 miles turn right onto West Lilac Road.

Bennington (11620 N 156th) 65 miles

Take I-80 east to exit #432, which is the Gretna exit. Go north on Hwy. 31 through Elkhorn. Go approximately 12 miles north of Elkhorn, where you will come to Hwy. 36. Turn right (east) and it will be approximately 7 miles to Bennington. Go to 156th street, turn right (south) and go 1 mile to the high school.

Bishop Neumann -see entry under Wahoo Bishop Neumann.


Boys Town (14100 Crawford Street, Boys Town, NE  68010)  46 miles

(Cross Country) Take I-80 East to 680 North to Pacific Street. Exit on Pacific Street and go West (left). Go to 132nd. Boys town is 132nd-144th. There will be a "Boys Town" sign and 132nd Street.

Brainard - see entry under East Butler.

Catholic Schools for Catholic Youth League

Cathedral - 3245 S 37th
North American Martyrs - 1101 Isaac Dr. (In Highlands)
St. John - 7601 Vine Street
St. Joseph - 1940 S 77th
St. Patrick - 61st & Morrill Avenue
St. Peter - 4500 Duxhall Drive

Cedar Bluffs (110 E Main) 47 miles

Go north on Hwy. 77 out of Lincoln. North of Wahoo, go on Hwy. 109. Turn left (west) at stop sign, and go 1/4 mile. Turn right (north), and go straight.

Centennial (Utica) (1301 Centennial Ave.) 41 miles

Take I-80 west to Utica exit, #366. Go right (north). Centennial is located approximately 3 miles north of the interstate. The school is located on the left side of the road, right as you come into town.

Central City (1510 28th Street) 90 miles

Take I-80 west to the Aurora Exit. Take Hwy. 14 north to Central City. The high school is on the right (east) side of the highway as you enter town.

Central Christian (Omaha) (1722 South 16th Street)  53 miles

I-80 East to 480. Go to Martha Street. Take a right on Martha Street to 16th Street. Take a left and go 2-3 blocks. The school is on the left side.

College View Academy (5240 Calvert)

Take 56th Street to Calvert and turn West on Calvert, then go about 1 ½ blocks. The school will be on the north side.

Lincoln to Columbus

Take Hwy 34 west out of Lincoln to Hwy 79 north to Valparaiso. At Valparaiso, turn west on Hwy 66. Stay on Hwy 66 to Hwy 15. Turn north on Hwy 15 and go to Hwy 92. Turn west on Hwy 92 and stay on that road until you intersect with Hwy 81. Turn north on Hwy 81 and follow to Columbus. (This is just one option - other ways may suit you better.)

Columbus - Christ (32312 122nd Ave)  90 miles

Coming in on Hwy 81 that turns into 33rd Ave in town. Go to 23rd Street and turn left. Go to 48th Ave and turn right. You will be going out of town past the hospital to 325th Street (gravel road) turn right. Go until you get to 122nd Ave.

Columbus-Immanuel (2520 28th Street) 82 miles

Follow directions on page 2 to get to Columbus. Go North on Hwy. 81. Follow Hwy. 81 into Columbus until you get to Hwy. 30. Turn right (east) and take Hwy. 30 east to 26th Ave. Turn left (north) and follow 26th Ave. to 28th St, and you should see Immanuel on the right (east) side of the road.

Columbus-Scotus (1554 18th Ave.) 83 miles

(Basketball) Follow directions on page 2 to get to Columbus. Follow Hwy. 81 north until you get to Hwy. 30. Turn right (east) to 18th Ave. From the intersection of Hwy. 30 and 18th Ave., proceed south about 8 blocks.

(Cross Country) From the intersection of Hwy. 30 & 18th Ave, proceed north for 5 miles. Turn right on 98th St. and continue east for 5 miles until the pavement ends. Turn left and go 1 mile north on the gravel road. Turn right on gravel road and go east for 1 ½ miles. Course is on the north side of the road.

(Track & Football) at Pawnee Park
Take I-80 west 20 miles. Take Exit 379 turn left onto NE-15 go 27 miles. Turn left onto NE-15N go 1.5 miles and turn left onto NE-92W go 1 mile. Turn left onto NE 92 go 12 miles continue onto US-81N for 16 miles turn left onto 7th Street.

Concordia Lutheran - Omaha (15656 Fort Street) 55 miles

(Basketball & Volleyball) Take I-80 east 39 miles. Take exit 445 (L Street) west ramp turn right onto US-275 W (L Street). Go 3 miles turn right onto S 144th Street. Go 6 miles turn left onto Fort Street, go 1 mile.

Concordia University- Seward (800 N. Columbia)  28 miles

Take Hwy. 34 to Seward. Turn right on Columbia. Then turn right on Hillcrest. Go
several blocks, the gym is on the right hand side.

Conestoga (Murray) (8404 42nd Street) 43 miles

Take Hwy. 34 east out of Lincoln to Hwy. 1. Go through Elmwood, and follow Hwy. 1. You will cross Hwy. 50 - continue east on Hwy. 1 approximately 10 miles to Conestoga High School. The school is on the right (south) side of the road. (The school is west of Murray about 2 miles)

Cook - see entry under Nemaha Valley.


Council Bluffs - St. Albert (400 Gleason Avenue)  62 miles

I-80 to Council Bluffs. Take Madison Avenue exit go left. Go to corner of Bennett
Avenue and go right. Take a left on McPherson and another left on Gleason.

(Cross Country) - Iowa Western Community College (2700 College Road)
Last Council Bluff exit. (Has Iowa Western Community College on the exit sign.)
Go left (west) ½ mile and follow the signs.

Crete High School (1500 E. 15th Street)

Hwy. 77 South to Hwy 33. Turn west (right). Go to Hwy. 103 (intersection at Jack Keef Dealership). Turn left and take the gravel road for about ½ mile. ( Doane College is about one (1) block from High School. Some games will be held at Doane College.)

David City (750 D Street)

Follow directions below to David City.

David City Aquinas (3420 Main Road/Hwy 15) 55 miles

Take either Hwy. 34 west out of Lincoln, or take I-80 west to Seward. Take Hwy. 15 north out of Seward to Hwy. 92. Go left (west). Then go right (north) on Hwy. 15 into David City. The school is on the south edge of town. Go around to the south side of the school, go down around park behind on North end. There will be a golf course to the north.

DeWitt - see entry under Tri County.


Doane College (see Crete High School)


Dorchester (506 West 9th) 37 miles

Go south out of Lincoln south on Hwy. 77. At Hwy. 77 and Hwy. 33 intersection, turn right (west). Go approximately 20 miles on Hwy. 33 through Crete and continue west and you will come right into Dorchester. The school is located approximately 3-4 blocks north of the highway.


Eagle (Woodland Hills Golf Course) 17 miles

Take O Street (Hwy. 34) to Eagle. Turn right (south) on Hwy. 43. Go 4 ½ miles until
you see their sign - turn right ½ mile.

East Butler (Brainard) (212 S. Madison) 40 miles

Take Hwy. 34 west of Lincoln. Go right (north) on Hwy. 79 to Hwy. 92. Turn left (west) on Hwy. 92, and go approximately 10 miles. Go south at the Brainard exit 1 1/4 miles. The school is south on Main Street.

Elkhorn High School (711 Veterans) 51 miles

Take I-80 east to Hwy. 31, exit #432. You will go approximately 13 miles (through Gretna). Continue north to Elkhorn until you pass Arby's. Turn right (east) on to Veterans Dr., this will take you to the HS.

Elmwood/Murdock (300 Wyoming Street) 22 miles

Take Hwy. 34 east out of Lincoln. Turn left (north) at Hwy. 1. Elmwood is about 1 mile north. In Elmwood, take West F Street west until you see the field.

Exeter-Milligan (Golf) - see entry at Friend

Fairbury High School (1501 9th Street) 71 miles

Take Hwy. 77 south out of Lincoln to Beatrice. In Beatrice, go right (west) on Hwy. 136.
This highway takes you right into Fairbury. The high school is located south of the highway.

(JV Basketball) Old High School (703 K Street) 73 miles
Take Hwy 77 south for 23 miles. Turn right onto US-136 (Court Street). Go 27 miles and turn left onto NE-15 (K Street). Go .5 miles.

Falls City (1400 Fulton) 108 miles

Take Hwy. 2 east to Nebraska City. At Nebraska City take Hwy. 75 south to the intersection of Hwy. 73 ( Dawson), approximately 38 miles. Go left (east) and follow Hwy. 73 (about 18 miles) into town. Go to 14th Street (Burger King). Take a left, go east to Fulton Street (about 6 blocks) take a left. School will be right there.

Filmore Central - see entry under Geneva

Fort Calhoun (1506 Lincoln) 73 miles

Take I-80 to Omaha. Take Hwy. 680 north to Hwy. 75/48th street, exit #12. Go north (left) on Hwy. 75 for 6 ½ miles to Fort Calhoun - school is on the north side of town on the west side of Hwy. 75.
If you want to avoid the interstate, you could take Hwy. 77 north to Fremont. Then take Hwy. 30 east to Blair. From Blair, go 4 miles south to Ft. Calhoun.

Freeman (Adams/Filley) (415 Eighth Street) 32 miles

Take Hwy.2 south out of Lincoln. Turn right at the Bennet exit. Follow Hwy 43 south until there is a T in the road. Take a right (west) on Hwy. 41. Go approximately one mile. You will go over a bridge. Turn left (south) to go into Adams. Once you're in town, you will need to go about 2 blocks south and then go west until you see the school.

Fremont Bergan (545 East 4th)

(Cross Country) From Hwy 77- turn west at the first road south of the Platte River bridge. Follow this road for 2 ½ miles to the intersection with the Camp Calvin Crest sign. Turn right (North) and follow this road into camp.
From Hwy 109- The turn to the camp is approximately three miles east of Cedar Bluffs. The sign will direct you North off the highway, go approximately 1.8 miles to the camp.

(Basketball & Volleyball) - Events are held at the high school (545 E 4th Street, Fremont) Come in on Hwy. 77. At the bottom of the viaduct, turn right on 4th Street. Go until you get to 4th and Clarkson. It is on the right hand side of the street.

(Football & Track) - Events are held at Memorial Stadium on the corner of Military and
Clarmar. Come in on Hwy. 77 to Military Street turn right. Stay on Military (cross Bell Street) keep going and the Stadium will be on the left hand side.

Fremont-Trinity (1546 N Luther Rd.) 57 miles

Follow Hwy. 77 north out of Lincoln and into Fremont. Once in Fremont you have two choices: 1. Turn right onto Military (shortly after viaduct); follow Military east until you come to Luther Road. At Luther Rd. take a left (north) until you come to 16th and Luther. Trinity is on the corner to your right. 2. Take 77 north until you come to 16th St. Turn right on 16th and follow it until you come to Luther Rd. Trinity is on the Southeast corner of the intersection of 16th and Luther.

Friend (501 Main) 45 miles

Take I-80 west to the Milford exchange. Exit and take Hwy. 6 south and follow it west to Friend. Or you could take Hwy. 77 south to Hwy. 33 into Crete. Stay on 33 west going through Dorchester until it connects onto Hwy. 6 & continue west on Hwy. 6 to Friend.
(Cross Country) Friend Country Club-910 Cherry St. - 9 blocks south of Hwy 6 on Cherry Street

(Golf) Friend County Club (902 Cherry) 48 miles
Take I-80 west 20 miles to Exit 379. Turn left onto NE-15 go 4 miles. Turn right onto US-6 for 17 miles. Turn left onto Cherry Street and go 1.5 miles. Turn left onto E 9th Street and turn right onto S. Cherry St.

Geneva - Filmore Central (1410 L Street) 70 miles

Take I-80 to the York Exit, then go south on Hwy. 81. As you enter town, the high school is on the left (east) side of the road.

(Cross Country) As you travel South on Hwy 81, turn right (west) at exit R (County Road L) (Gregory's). Travel 1 ½ mi. West to the Hidden Hills Country Club (left side of road ).

Grand Island Central Catholic (1200 Ruby) 100 miles

Take Interstate 80 west to Grand Island. Exit at the 281 interchange. Go to 13th St. Turn right (east) and keep going east until you get to Ruby St. The school is on the corner of Ruby and 13th.

Grand Island-Trinity (208 W 13th Street) 100 miles

Take I-80 west to Grand Island. Exit at the Hwy. 281 interchange. Head north on Hwy. 281 until you reach 13th Street. (Conestoga Mall is on the corner, as well as, Wal-Mart and K-Mart.) Turn right (east). You will come to Broadwell where 13th street jogs left and then a quick right. Follow 13th east until you come to Trinity Lutheran.

Gretna (11705 South 216th Street) 41 miles

Go east on I-80 to Hwy. 31, exit #432. Head north on Hwy. 6 into Gretna to 216th Street. Turn left (west) on 216th St. Go two blocks to the high school.

Hastings High (1100 West 14th)  110 miles

Go west on I-80 to Grand Island. Exit at the Hwy. 281 interchange, and go south. Coming in from the north, (Tom Osborne Expressway), this turns into Burlington Ave.
Continue on Burlington across the overpass. The school and track are located on the west side of Burlington across from McDonald's.

Hastings St. Cecilia (521 N. Kansas) 111 miles

Go west on I-80 to Grand Island. Exit at the Hwy. 281 interchange, and go south.
Coming in from the north, (Tom Osborne Expressway), this turns into Burlington Ave. Continue on Burlington across the overpass, to 7th St., then turn left. Continue east on 7th street. Go past the hospital two blocks to Colorado Street. Go right (south) 1 block to 6th & Colorado Streets. The parking lot for the school is located here.


Hebron (10th & Eads Ave.)  100 miles

High School- Take I-80 West to York Exit. Go South at York Exit for approximately 50 miles. Once in Hebron, get on Main street past Casey's. Go to 10th Street. Turn Right (north) go about three (3) blocks.

(Cross Country) Will be held at the golf course. Same route, but keep on Main Street to 1st Street, turn left (south) will come right to golf course.

Henderson-Heartland (1501 Front Street) 64 miles

Take Interstate 80 west and get off at the Henderson Exit - Proceed south until you get to Henderson. Turn right (west) on Front Street. (There is a nursing home on the corner).

Kearney Catholic (110 E 35th Street)

(Volleyball) 2nd Ave north to 31st Street take a right. Go to Ave A take a left. Then go to 35th Street.

(Soccer) 2nd Ave north to 39th Street take a left. Go to 19th Ave take a right. Go until you run into Baldwin Park.

Kearney (UNK) (2800 19th Ave.) 136 miles

(Cross Country at Kearney Country Club) Take I-80 west to exit 272 turn right on to NE-44. Go 2 miles turn left on to US 30W. Go 1 mile turn right onto 19th Ave. Follow parking signs.

Lincoln Christian (5801 S 84th Street)

Go south on 84th Street just past the intersection of 84th & Old Cheney. The school will be on the West side.

Lincoln (Crooked Creek Golf Course) (333 S 134th Street)

Take ‘O' Street east 4 miles. Turn right onto S 134th Street. Turn right onto Crooked Creek Golf Club Road.

Lincoln Pius X (6000 A Street)

Take 56th Street to A Turn east on A and go to about 59th/60th on A. School is to your left (North) side of the street.

Louisville High School (202 West 3rd Street)  35 miles

Take I-80 East to South Bend/Louisville Exit (Mahoney State Park Exit) - Hwy 66 East to Hwy 50. Hwy 50 North to Louisville (1st Turn) - Follow Hwy 66 into Louisville - Turn left at Cherry Street. North on Cherry Street to 3rd Street - Turn left. Follow to end of street- enter gymnasium entrance-park on Southwest Lot.

Lutheran High Northeast (Norfolk) (2010 N 37th) 118 miles

Follow directions to Columbus found on page 2 of this directory. From Columbus, follow Hwy. 81 north to Norfolk. It is 47 miles to Norfolk. As you enter Norfolk, you will come to an intersection with Hwy 275. Go left (west). Turn left (north) by Shaffer Pontiac, on 37th street. Go one mile and you come to a stop sign on Benjamin Avenue. Continue going straight for another ½ mile. We are east of 37th St. There are signs for our school on Hwy. 275 and Benjamin Avenue to assist you.

Malcolm (10002 NW 112th) 15 miles

Most games are played at 10002 NW 112th St. To get to the High School, follow Hwy. 34 west out of Lincoln, take the Malcolm exit and continue on the road through town until you are at the west edge. Take the last road to your right (112th) and follow it up to the school.

(Cross Country only) Take Hwy. 34 to Hwy. 79 North to West Raymond Road to NW 140th Street. Go right to Branched Oak Road turn right go 1 mile and follow the signs.

Milford (301 G) 20 miles

Take I-80 west to Milford Exit. Take Hwy. 6 south into Milford. Follow Hwy. 6 to F St. Turn right (north) and go 1-2 blocks and you should come right to the school.

Mount Michael Benedictine High (22520 Mt. Michael Rd.)  48 miles

Take I-80 east towards Omaha. Take the Hwy 31 exit, exit number 432, towards Gretna
US-6). Turn left (north) onto Hwy 31. Follow Hwy 31 into Elkhorn. Turn left onto Hwy 64 (West Maple Rd). Turn right on 216 Street; (go 1 ½ miles north) take a left at top of hill on Mt. Michael Road - follow the road in (1 mile). School is on the right hand side.

Murray - see entry under Conestoga.

Nebraska City High (141 Steinhart Park Road) 49 miles

Take Hwy. 2 east to Nebraska City. Take the first Nebraska City Exit which will take
you past Peru State College Learning Center. Look for the signs that say ... to Arbor Lodge...that's the direction you will go. You will take a left on to Steinhart Park Road,
this takes you past the Lied Center and over a wooden bridge, right to the high school.

Nebraska Lutheran High School-Waco (203 Kendall St) 48 miles

The school is located in Waco, Nebraska. Waco is 20 miles west of Seward on Hwy. 34 or 45 miles west of Lincoln on I-80 (Exit 360). From the I-80 exit, go north to Chapin St. turn right (east) and go about 4 blocks.

Nebraska Wesleyan University

1 mile north of Lincoln Lutheran (1100 N 56th Street) on the west side of 56th Street between Huntington and

Nemaha Valley (Cook) (407 N 1st Street) 46 miles

Take Hwy. 2 into Syracuse. Go south on Hwy. 50 for about 10 miles. Turn left at the Cook Spur. The school is north on 1st St. at the top of the hill.

Norfolk - see entry under Lutheran Northeast.

Norris (25211 S 68th Street - Firth) 17 miles

Go south on 56th to Saltillo Rd. Turn left (east). Go to 68th Street. Turn right (south) and proceed south through Hickman, approximately 4 miles, until you get to school.


Take Hwy. 77 south through Beatrice. South of Beatrice go straight on Hwy 112. Follow Hwy 112 to stop sign at County Road 8. Turn right to Odell. Take main street in Odell north to school. (If there is still construction south of Beatrice, take Hwy 136 west out of Beatrice to County Road 15E which is just west of the curve as you head towards Fairbury.)

Omaha Burke (12200 Burke Blvd.)  48 miles

I-80 East to 680 North. Exit at Dodge Street. Take Dodge Street west to 120th Burke Blvd. One (1) block south of Dodge at 120th .

Omaha Central Christian (1722 South 16th Street)  53 miles

I-80 east to 480. Go to Martha Street. Take a right on Martha Street to 16th Street. Take a left and go 2-3 blocks. The school is on the left side.

Omaha Skutt Catholic (3131 S 156th) 50 miles

Take I-80 towards Omaha. Merge onto US-275 W / NE-92W via exit 445. Turn left onto S 156th Street.

Parkview Christian (4400 N 1st)

Located on the corner of North 1st & Superior. Take 27th Street North, turn west on Superior. Follow Superior (cross over Interstate) and school sits on the right on the corner.

Peru State College (600 Hoyt Street) 69 miles

(MS BB Tournament) Take Hwy 2 east 43 miles. Turn right onto US 75S for 13 miles. Turn left onto NE 67 for 6 miles. Turn left onto 8th Street go 1 mile to 5th Street. Turn left onto Hoyt turn right onto 6th Street.

Pioneer's Park

Enter Pioneer's Park off of West Van Dorn or Coddington Avenue.

Platteview (14801 S 108th St - Springfield)

Go east on I-80. Take Gretna exit. Go right on Hwy. 31 one half mile to Platteview Road. Take left on Platteview Road going east 5 miles to Springfield. Go across Hwy. 50 3 miles on Platteview Road and you are there!

Plattsmouth (1916 E. Hwy. 34) 55 miles

From Lincoln you go east on Hwy. 34 ("O" St.) For approx. 30-35 miles. On the east side of Union Hwy. 34 intersects with Hwy. 75. Turn left (North) and proceed to Plattsmouth. When you reach the stoplight at the intersection of Hwy. 75 & 66, turn right (east) and proceed for 1 block. You will see the high school.

Raymond Central 14 miles

Take Superior St. to 14th St. Go north until you get to Agnew Rd. There will be a sign there to the right that says Raymond Central High School. Take a left and go 2-3 miles and Raymond Central sits on the north side of the Hwy. on the hill.

Sandy Creek (RR 1, Fairfield) 98 miles

Take I-80 west to the Aurora exit, #332. Go left (south) on Hwy. 14 for approximately 16 miles. Go right (west) on Hwy. 6 for 3 miles, then left (south) again on Hwy. 14 for 10 miles, until you come to Hwy. 74. Continue south for 1/4 mile. There will be a sign for Sandy Creek school at the top of the hill.


St. Paul (1305 Howard)  124 miles

Take I-80 west. Take US-34 / US - 281 exit 312 towards Grand Island /Hastings. Turn right and continue to follow US-281 N. Turn left to stay on US-281 N. Turn left onto Howard Ave.

Schuyler (401 Adams St) 55 miles

Take Hwy 34 or I-80 to Hwy 15. Turn north on Hwy 15 and go to Hwy 92. Turn west on Hwy 92 and take Hwy 15 north through David City. Follow Hwy 15 into Schuyler.
Turn left onto W 4th Street. Fields are on the southwest side of the school.

Scribner-Snyder (400 Pebble St.) 76 miles

Take Hwy. 77 north to Fremont. In Fremont, stay on Hwy. 77 (Hwy. 77 joins Hwy. 275 on the north edge of Fremont) and travel Hwy. 77/275 north about 10 miles. Hwy. 77 and Hwy. 275 split one mile north of the weigh station. Take Hwy. 275 which goes right and under Hwy. 77. You will travel past Hooper, then you will get to Scribner. (Scribner is 21 miles Northwest of Fremont-----located on Hwy. 275.)

Seacrest Field (7400 A Street)

East of 70th Street just southeast of East High School. North side of A Street.

Seward Schools (Jr. High Concordia College Tournament sites)

Seward Elementary School- 200 E. Pinewood
Seward Middle School- 237 S. 3rd; St. John Lutheran- 877 N. Columbia
Seward Senior High- 532 Northern Heights
Concordia University- 800 N. Columbia


Southern HS (115 S 11th - Wymore)  60 miles

Go south on Hwy. 77 to Wymore. Turn left on F Street. Go 3 blocks east - school is on
the left.

(Football) Arbor State Park
When you get to Wymore, turn left on M Street. Go 4 blocks and turn left into the park.

Superior (601 W 8th Street) 133 miles

Take I-80 west to Aurora exit (approximately 75 miles). Go south on Hwy. 14 into Superior (Approximately 55 miles). As you enter Superior, Hwy. 14 and Idaho Street are one and the same. Go approximately ½ mile past the Pizza Hut. You will pass a hospital and a school on 14th (Idaho) Take 8th Street west about 1 mile to reach the school. The school is on the west side of town. The football field is south of the school.
Alternate routes to Superior:
1. I-80 to York exit, then take Hwy. 81 south to Hwy. 136 (south of Hebron). Take Hwy. 136 west to Hwy. 14, then head south on Hwy. 14 into Superior. Please note: Hwy. 81 south of York has construction between McCool Junction and Fairmont, also between Bruning and Belvidere.
2. Hwy. 77 south to Beatrice, then west on Hwy. 136 through Fairbury, past Hebron to Hwy. 14, then south into Superior.

Syracuse (407 N. 1st Street) 37 miles

Take Hwy. 2 to Syracuse. Turn south on Hwy. 50. The high school will be on your right. (Cross Country & Golf) Activities at Syracuse Country Club - 266 W 9th - Turn south on Hwy. 50. Come to intersection turn right on 17th Street - turn left at Walnut Street by blue building go south 1 mile to dead end turn right and go up the hill several blocks. Country Club on the north side.

Tecumseh (358 N 6th) 57 miles

Take Hwy. 2 east to Syracuse. Turn south on Hwy. 50 and continue straight south to Tecumseh to 4-way stop. Go south from 4 way stop to first right turn (Lincoln St). West on Lincoln St. to 6th St. Tecumseh Public Schools is on the corner of Lincoln St. and 6th.

Tri County (DeWitt) (72520 Hwy. 103) 42 miles

The high school is on Hwy.103, 4 miles south of DeWitt or from Hwy. 4, 2 miles north. You can take Hwy. 77 south of Lincoln, go through Cortland. Continue south until Hwy. 41, then go right (west) through Clatonia to Wilber. Once in Wilber take Hwy. 103 south. Go through DeWitt, and then 4 miles south. The school will be on the west side of the highway.

Tri County Golf - see entry under Beatrice


Utica Centennial High School - see entry under Centennial


Utica St. Paul (1100 D Street) 41 miles

Go west from Lincoln on I-80, and take exit #366, the Utica exit. Go 3 miles north into Utica. Coming into town, you are on Centennial avenue. Go two blocks north, then turn right (east) and go two blocks. You should be able to see the school.

Valley (401 S Pine) 59 miles

Take Hwy. 77 north to Wahoo. Continue north on 77 and keep going until you see a sign that says 64E. Take a right and Valley is about 9 miles from there. Go to Hwy 275. Turn right into Valley. Come to Spruce Street, which is the main street, and go left on Gardner 2 blocks. Turn right on Pine Street. High school parking lot is on the south corner.

Waco - see entry under Nebraska Lutheran High School.


Valparaiso (JV Games)

Take Hwy. 34 to Hwy. 79 going north. The field is on the left side of the road before the railroad tracks in Valparaiso.

Wahoo Bishop Neumann (202 South Linden) 33 miles

Take Hwy. 77 north to Wahoo, turn right on A St. (first Street after crossing railroad tracks) go two blocks. School is at the "T" intersection.

Wahoo Public High School (2201 N Locust Street) 29 miles

(Volleyball & Basketball) Take US 77 north for 25 miles, turn left onto N Chestnut. Go .2 miles turn left onto West 15th Street. Turn right onto North Locust Street.

Waverly (13401 Amberly Road) 5 miles

Take Hwy. 6 east out of Lincoln. As you arrive in Waverly follow Amberly Rd. to the Spectator Entrance.

Weeping Water (204 West O Street) 30 miles

Take Hwy. 34 east. Go 2 miles east past Hwy. 50. Turn left (north) on 13 K Spur. Go 3 miles north.

Wilber-Clatonia (9th & Franklin) 34 miles

Take Hwy. 77 through Cortland. Turn right (west) on Hwy. 41. Go through Clatonia and west on to Wilber. Turn left (south) on Main and go south to 7th St. Go right (west) on 7th and keep going until you run into the school on the south side of the street.

York  (1005 Duke Drive)  57 miles

(Football) Played at East Hill Park located at 6th and Blackburn. If you come in from
the south you take a right (east) on Sixth Street then continue to Blackburn (approx. 8 blocks). It will be on the left hand side.

(Soccer) Played at the Cornerstone Sports Complex. To get to the complex you go
north through town on Hwy. 81. You will go under the underpass and continue north past the hospital. You will turn right (east) at Hwy. 34 and go about ½ mile.

Yutan (1200 2nd Street)  42 miles

North out of Lincoln on Hwy. 77 towards Wahoo. East out of Wahoo on Hwy. 77/92 towards Omaha. Yutan is 12 miles east of Wahoo on the north side of Hwy 92. School is on the south edge of town.