Warriors Family Call to Action Advances

LB670 - Call to Action - Bill Advances [read more]

NCPA Academic All-State Award for Spring

NCPA Academic All-State Award for Spring [read more]

HS Band and Choir Plans for 2012 Tour

This year the band and choir are starting their annual fundraiser, but this year the money is purposed for high school music department’s tour, which will take place in the 2011-2012 school year. The kids planning to go have already started raising funds by selling an assortment of frozen foods and treats from Deli International. The band also designed some Warrior sweatpants for all the musicians to sell. 

The last tour was two years ago, and brought the students to the city of Chicago. The group performed at a variety of churches and schools in the city. They enjoyed many fun activities, including watching the Blue Man Group, dining at Medieval Times and touring Navy Pier.

This is Mr. Scott Morris’ first time taking the band and choir on tour. The tour has yet to establish permanent plans for the trip, but it is sure to showcase their talents while spreading the love of God. The trip will most likely include extra activities extending outside of performances to ensure the kids have a good time.

If you are looking for some tasty pre-made food or Warrior Wear or to help a student’s tour funds, just look for any band or choir kid and they would be happy to talk to you!