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MS Track Results from Seward

 The Lincoln Lutheran Middle School Track & Field athletes competed in the annual All-Lutheran Track & Field Championships, on Saturday, May 12th, at Concordia University against 13-14 other schools.  No team scores were kept, but rather awards were presented to the top six finishers in each event in three classes (A, B, C) for boys and for girls.  The young Warriors and Lady Warriors had a tremendous day, as nearly every athlete came home with one award or more.  Even more impressive were the high quality performances, as the boys registered 33 personal best performances, and the girls 23. 

            In the boys’ division, several boys had first place finishes, including many 6th graders, who competed in either class B or C.  8th grader Quinn Stahr and 7th grader Ryan Volin led the way, each registering two first place finishes in the 1600 m and 800 Runs, in Class A and B respectively, and all in personal best times.  Quinn and Ryan later teamed up with Trace Johnson and Caleb Ziems to with the Class A 1600 m Relay.  6th Graders Cole Schaedel and Zach Beckman also won two events on the track.  Cole took titles in the Class c 110 m Hurdles, and 100 m Dash, and Zach won both the 1600 m Run and 800 m Run.  Other first place finishes on the track included Luke Hamann (Class A 200 Dash), Tyler Wendt (Class C 200 m Dash),Reid Martin (Class B 110 m Hurdles), Tath  Dak (Class C 400 m Dash), the Class C 1600 Relay team of Zach Beckman, Logan Holle, Tath Dak, and Tyler Wendt, and the Class C 400 m Relay team of Paul Lohnes, Caleb Faulkner, Gage Rabbe, and Tyler Wendt.  In the field events, 7th Grader Harrison Clanton also won two events, the Class B Shot Put and Discus.    Other field event champions for the boys were Jacob Glines (Class C High Jump), and James Lavicky (Class C Discus).     Other award winners for the Warriors included:

2nd Place:  Garett Wachal- Class Discus, Max Mc Coy- Class A Triple Jump, Noah Frost- Class By Shot Put, Caleb Faulkner- Class C 110 m Hurdles, Paul Lohnes- Class C 100 m Dash, Logan Kreizel- Class B 1600 m Run, Class A 400 m Relay team of Austin Oerman, Luke Hamann, Max McCoy, Dylan Brockhaus, Class B 400 m Relay team of Reid Martin, Isaac Zager, Harrison Clanton, and Logan Kreizel

3rd Place:  Reid Martin- Class B Long Jump, Caleb Faulkner- Class C Triple Jump, Garett Wachal- Class A Shot Put, Elijah Frost- Class B Shot Put, Paul Lohnes- Class C Shot Put, Jake Wendland- Class C Discus, Austin Oerman- Class A 110 m Hurdles, Isaac Zager- Class B 110 m Hurdles, Jacob Glines- Class C 110 m Hurdles, Max McCoy- Class A 100 m Dash, Logan Kreizel- Class B 800 m Run, hank Zieg- Class C 800 m Run.

4th Place:  Jacob Glines- Class C Long Jump, Reid Martin- Class B High Jump, Dylan Brockhaus- Class A Shot Put, 100 m Dash, Luke Hamann- 400 m Dash, Logan Holle- Class C 400 m Dash, Tath Dak- Class C 200 m Dash, Trace Johnson- Class A 800 m Run.

5th Place:  Garett Wachal- Class A Triple Jump, Jaxson Klein- Class C Shot Put, Class C Discus, Gage Rabbe- Class C 100 m Dash, Caleb Ziems- Class A 400 m Dash, Caleb Faulkner- Class C 200 m Dash, Ben Downing- Class A 800 m Run.

6th Place:  Max McCoy- Class A Shot Put, James Lavicky- Class C Shot Put


            The Lady Warriors had another tremendous day, both on the track and in the field events,  Many different athletes came home with 1st place finishes, and the depth of the team showed in many events, especially on the track.  Kacey Kohlhof and Jadyn Agee each were double individual award winners.  Kacey won both the Class A 100 and 200 m dashes once again, and Jadyn won both the Class A 400 m Dash, and 800 m Run, both in personal record times. Two younger girls were also double winners.   Becca Ziems, who won both the Class B Triple Jump and 400 m Dash, and Haleigh Hoefs won both the 400 m Dash and 800 m Run.   Other first place finishers for the Lady Warriors included:  Julia Pomerenke- Class A 100 m Hurdles, Rachel Garbe- Class B Long Jump.  The Lady Warrior relay teams dominated the day, as they won both the Class A and B 400 m and 1600 m Relays.  The Class A 400 m team was made up of Sophie Laporta, Kacey Kohlhof, Tessa Hincker, and Mia Wright, while the Class B team was made up of Becca Ziems, Tina Merril,, Erin Maier, and Rachel Garbe.  The Class A 1600 m Relay team continued to win and improve their time as Jadyn Agee, Kate Staab, Sophie Laporta and Julia Pomerenke rolled to another victory, while in Class B, Becca, Haleigh, Tina, and Rachel easily won their division.  Other award winners for the Lincoln Lutheran girls included:


2nd Place:  Mia Wright- Class A Long Jump, Kate Staab- Class A Triple Jump,400 m Dash Julia Pomerenke- Class A High Jump, Erin Maier- Class C 100 m Dash, Rachel Garbe- Class B 400 m Dash, Paige Steinbauer- Class A 1600 m Run, Cassie Shambaugh-Miller- Class B 1600 m Run.

3rd Place:  Tessa Hincker- Class A Long Jump, Tina Merrill- Class B 100 m Dash, 200 m Dash, Paige Steinbauer- Class A 800 m Run. Linzie Kreizel- Class A 1600 m Run.

4th Place:  Tessa Hincker- Class A Triple Jump, Avery Blahauvietz- Class A Shot Put, Hope Bassett- Class B Shot Put, MiaWright- Class A Discus, Julia Pomerenke- Class A 400 m Dash, Cassie Shambaugh- Miller- Class B 800 m Run

5th Place;  Liz Rentfro- Class A High Jump, Shot Put, Paige Borcherding- Class A 1600 m Run, 800 m Run.

6th Place:  Liz Rentfro- Class A 100 m Dash

             There was also an 800 m Mixed Medley Relay in each class, with two girls and two boys competing.  Both teams entered by Lincoln Lutheran placed 2nd.  The Class C team was made up of Erin Maier, Haleigh Hoefs, Gage Rabbe, and Tyler Wendt, while the Class A team was made up of Sophie Laporta, Austin Oerman, Kacey Kohlhof, and Luke Hamann.  The team completes its season on Monday, April 14th, at the Norris invitational Meet, which being made up from a couple of weeks ago due to bad weather.  Then, on Tuesday, May 15th, the team and their family members will celebrate with an Awards Night and dessert bar, beginning at 7:00 p.m.