Warriors Family Call to Action Advances

LB670 - Call to Action - Bill Advances [read more]

NCPA Academic All-State Award for Spring

NCPA Academic All-State Award for Spring [read more]

EGGcelent 8th grade science

Last week the 8th grade science students finished a short unit on car crash safety.  Students examined how impulse, momentum, inertia and forces determine how cars are designed to protect occupants.  Students also examined the biology behind a car crash and how forces affect the internal organs of the body.  At the end of the unit, the students were required to create an egg safety device using only 10 sheets of paper and 1 meter of tape.  Eggs were dropped onto the egg safety device from distances of 1 meter up to 2.5 meters.  Students created many great designs but only 1 was successful from the full 2.5 meter distance. Congratulations Leah and Luke! Mr. Rickords said it was “fun watching students be creative, collaborate, and apply what they learned”  and “We have a great group of young scientist and engineers in this class.”  Way to go 8th graders!

Check out one of our more successful egg safety devices: