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Singing Valentines on Sale Now

Singing Valentines are a tradition that has been around our school for over 15 years.  Not only are they a main fundraiser for the choir but it is the choir member's favorite time of year. The high school choir spends all day on Friday the 12th going around Lincoln and Seward surprising and serenading the recipients. Taking the day to travel and sing has been one of senior Nick Schmeling's favorite memories from all four years of choir. He stated "It's such an amazing experience seeing all the different reactions people have and knowing that you've made someone's day." There are always new and interesting places that are traveled to including, banks, office buildings, schools, churches, malls, factories, rehab facilities, retirement homes and swim schools.

Numerous fond memories have been made on the journey of delivering singing valentines. Senior Hallie Hohbein said that her favorite memory happened sophomore year. "We were all excited because we were singing in the mall food court so right after we would get to eat lunch and the idea of singing in the mall just sounded fun. Shortly after we started the mall security came up and made us stop because it was actually illegal, something about disrupting the peace. We didn't get kicked out but we all laughed and it was defiantly memorable." Lizzie Moore who is now a sophomore agreed that Singing Valentines were the highlight of her first year of choir. She retold her story of her fondest memory of the day. "We were singing in a bank and this guy came up to us and asked us if we took orders that day. He told us about how he completely forgot it was valentines day and didn't have anything for his wife. Since we were doing so good on time we got to go to his house and surprise his wife. We were so surprised when he gave us 100 dollars just to go sing but when we saw the mansion he lived in it made more sense. I loved being able to not only surprise his wife but save the guy from having nothing to give."

This year the student's will be selling Valentines for $30. It is a great experience for all involved, whether you are receiving, giving or a student delivering. Valentines can be purchased through the Lincoln Lutheran office or a choir student (form attached). You can purchase them for anyone, whether it's romantic, for your mother or even a joke to embarrass your friend. We would love for you to support our choir in such a fun and memorable way and on Friday February 12th, our choir would love to spread some Valentines day spirit to whomever you want it delivered too.

Article by Madison Schmeeckle, Class of 2016

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