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Scott Ernstmeyer named "Patriotic Employer" by the Office of the Secretary of Defense

Congratulations to Lincoln Lutheran's Executive Director, Scott Ernstmeyer, who received an award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense in recognition for his support in working with long time Lincoln Lutheran employee and Reservist Doug Wiemer through his many deployments through the years. Doug's long time and tireless service in the US Reserves has led to a number of short-term and long-term deployments. Wiemer nominated Ernstmeyer for this recognition as a thank you for Ernstmeyer's continual support and accommodations that have been made to make it possible for Wiemer to continue in his faithful service of contributing to the national security and protecting liberty and freedom of the United States. 

Lincoln Lutheran congratulates both Ernstmeyer and thanks Wiemer for his many years of faithful service not only to the Lincoln Lutheran community, but to our Nation. May God continue to bless them both in their service to the church and state!

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