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Physics, Eggs, and Car Crash Safety Oh My!!!


8th grade science students have been learning about Newton's Laws of Motion over the past couple of weeks.  During their study, they learned how these laws are used in engineering crash worthy vehicles.  Students learned why seatbelts are vital in surviving a car crash even at 40 mph.  The culminating project was to apply what they had learned about car crash physics and apply it to engineering a device to save an egg from breaking when dropped from a height up to 2.5 meters. 

Students were given 10 pieces of paper, a meter of tape and were given 25 min to create their device.  Eggs were then dropped from one meter onto the device.  After each successful drop, a half meter was added to the height.  Two groups were able to design a crash worthy device capable of saving an egg dropped from a height of 2.5 meters.  Congratulations to the teams of Ashlyn/Brianna and Luke/Trey .  Mr. Rickords was pleased with the work of the 8th grade students.  Mr. Rickords said that "..not every device saved the eggs, however the concepts behind the designs matched up with what we had studied in class. I was very proud of the effort by these young engineers"

If you want to know more about car crash safety, ask an 8th grader. 


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