Warriors Family Call to Action

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2017-2018 NHS Inductees

On Sunday, March 18, an induction ceremony was held to celebrate new members to the LL National Honor Society.  New members for 2018-19 are James Admiraal, Leah Bassett, Alayna Bergt, Marriah Buss (not pictured), Ty Donovan, Taylor Fry, Jacie Hartman, Tice Jenkins, Kelly Kohlhof,  Lexie Kreizel (not pictured), Tanner Lebo, Elayne Poppe, Leah Rathe, Collin Rich, Samantha Scholz, Kayla Steinbauer, Gretchen Stennett, Paige Trutna, Luke Volin and  Ethan Zager.  Congratulations!

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