Mr. Sommerer's Technology Meeting Presentation

Mr. Sommerer's Technology Meeting Presentation [read more]

Parent-Student Handbooks

Parent-Student Handbooks [read more]

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Digital Citizenship Curriculum [read more]

Activity Schedules & Notify Me!

With fall activities starting up, we have had a number of people requesting copies of activity schedules. We wanted to make certain everyone knows how to access all our activity schedules as well as how to set up notifications so you and all our LL fans can stay informed about changes in schedules! At LL we strongly recommend that you access the schedule from rSchool directly on the LL Website."click view" for more

If there are any changes rSchool is what is updated first and immediately. To get to it, simply click on this link:  On the far right side you will see an eye icon and the "view schedules" Click on that and a drop down menu will pop up with all the activities we have. Simply check off each one of the activities you want to see and hit submit. rSchool will then create a calendar for you including all the events scheduled for those activities. You can do this as often as you want. I recommend also while you are there to click on the "notify me" and again sign up for whatever activities you want to be alerted for. As soon as we make any changes or adjustments to the schedule, you will receive email and/or text message alerts letting you know. This is great for grandparents who might be traveling to events as well. All the teams in our conference use this same system, so even if one of the other schools makes a change to the events you would be the first to know. Please pass this information along to those you know who are planning on attending LL activities. Can't wait to see you at our first games!