Students involved in Journalism at Lincoln Lutheran perform two functions in a year: designing the yearbook and publishing the school newspaper. Journalism students also post short articles to the Lincoln Lutheran website about school activities and other applicable events.  The Journalism team is led by Ms. Bockelman, but other than that is composed solely of students.

Warrior Watch

The school newspaper, Warrior Watch, is composed of articles written solely by Lincoln Lutheran students. It is 4 pages long, and is published once a month during the school year by the Journalism class.  The newspaper is printed by Nebraska Publishing Center.  Each edition typically includes an insert with games and fun facts. The paper is distributed to students in the Commons as they walk through the lunch line.


The school yearbook is published each year by the Journalism class of the same year. The Journalism class is responsible for raising funds for the yearbook, usually through sponsorships by local businesses and picture buttons. Design and layout are done by students as well, and the yearbooks are published by Walsworth Publishing Company.