Middle School

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An Awesome Fun Night of the Year

 The middle school's second fun night of this year was March 5. There were many middle school students that were very excited. All the esentials for a great fun night were there: the music, snacks, high school helpers, dodgeball setup, music and of course, the excited middle school students. The middle school will have their final fun night of the year on April 23rd.

Senior Lydia Pomerenke volunteered to help at the fun night. She said, "It was the best one ever!" Lydia thought this fun night's music was really good and that a lot of middle school students were dancing. Eighth grader Grant Doak said he really enjoyed going to the fun night. Grant and eighth grader Taylor Pate both thought the music selection was too old and they also wished there could be more variety in snacks. Not all eighth graders thought the same about the music, though.  Eight h grader Mckensie Oneth thought the music was lovely.

There are some middle schoolers that would make some changes to the fun nights, but overall they all love them and enjoy attending.

7-8 Grade Track Practice

Executive Summary: 
7-8 Grade Track Practice

MS 7th - 8th Track Practice

Executive Summary: 
7th-8th track practice

Lincoln Crisis Pregnancy Baby Shower

Help celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week!  We are putting out a challenge to all Lincoln Lutheran students!  The Lincoln crisis pregnancy center needs our help!  Please consider donating the following items:

6th graders:  baby wipes, baby bath towels, size 5 diapers  7th graders:  crib sheets, teething rings, size 6 diapers  8th graders:  pacifiers, board books, size 4 diapers  9th graders:  blankets, small toys  10th graders:  preemies clothing, preemies diapers  11th graders:  lotions, shampoo, bibs, size 3 diapers  12 graders:  Enfamil with Lipil

Drop off your donation in the play pen by the front office.  If everyone brings just one item, we could have close to 400 items from just Lincoln Lutheran alone!  Let's do our best to bless these little ones!




Middle School Student Council Events

The Middle School Student Council is in the process of doing their canned food drive again this year. They are hoping to match the 1000 cans that they were able collect last year. Each middle school access group is competing to collect the most cans. The winning access group will win an ice cream party. All of the cans will be donated to the People's City Mission.The contest is on!

The Middle School Student Council is also hoping to do something that has never been done before at a middle school fun night. This coming middle school fun night on March 6.  The Student Council wants to invite all eighth graders from St. John in Seward that would like to attend.  They think it will be an oppurtunity for friendship and fellowship with the St. John eighth graders. They also thought since St. John's doesn't have doesn't have fun nights, this would be a fun thing for them to attend.

The Girls Come Out Ahead in the Roundball Tournaments

   The middle school girls participated in their Roundball Tournament the weekend of January 23rd and 24th. The A-Team unfortunately lost one of their games, however they successfully won the other two. After the weekend, the girls improved to 5 and 2 on the season.

Middle School Raises Money For Haiti

It began on January 19th. Mr. Krall challenged all of the middle school kids that if they raised $500 to help out with the disaster in Haiti, he and several other teachers would “change” their appearance. Over the course of two weeks, the middle school kids greatly exceeded the $500 goal set by Mr. Krall. They raised nearly $1,400, a very impressive amount of money. All this money didn’t come easy though, it took 163 hard working students relentlessly asking for donations.

MS Service Event December 18th

Executive Summary: 
Middle school students will be serving at various nursing homes and volunteer centers around Lincoln on Dec. 18th.

Middle school students will be serving with their access classes throughout Lincoln on December 18th. We will leave campus and volunteer at local nursing homes and volunteer centers throughout the morning. Students will return to school for a pizza lunch and activities with their access groups. The day will conclude with a middle school chapel led by the student council. The chapel will provide students an opportunity to share how God blessed their morning of service and for them to share the impact of their service. A permission slip will be sent home the week of December 7th. Access classes are asking for parent chaperones and for parent to help drive to locations. If you have any questions, please contact your child's access teacher.

Middle School Volleyball Has Ended

Volleyball has ended for the Lincoln Lutheran volleyball teams on Monday evening.  The C1 team played North American Martyrs at St. Peters and lost both set.  It was the best game of their season.  All of the skills that had been worked on during the season presented themselves on the court.  The C1 players took the court with only five players and were able to execute the offense well.  In this offense we utilized three different setters and four hitters, three front row players and only two to cover the back of the court.  I am so proud of these girls who quickly learned how to run an offense while they were on the court. 

The C2 team played St. Joseph at St. Joseph's gym and also lost in two sets, but in the heart and mind of their coach Jody Christensen, they were the winners of the game.  They moved their feet well and got to alot of balls that came over at them.  They have improved tremendously since the first game and hung in there with the undefeated St. Joseph's team.  

Lincoln Lutheran vs Waverly (Middle School Volleyball)

The B-Team played the first match.  Lexi Derowitsch served the first 17 points in a row.  In watching her serve, it appeared that she was calm, composed and ready to dominate.  The Lady Warriors won 25-2.  In the second set, it was Kim Borchert's turn to dominate the serving with 12 straight points in a row.  It was Taylor Brockhaus who finished the game with seven straight serves.  The Lady Warriors won the second set 25-8.

The A-Team took the court and won 25-5.  The serving was dominated by Payton Hedlund with seven in a row and Mackenzie Oneth with 10.  In the second set, the Lady Warriors won 25-10 , serving was dominated by Leah Shohat and Blayke Poppe each having six serves a piece.  All the players on this team are above average servers.