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Trap Team Meeting

Executive Summary: 
Meeting in either commons or Media Center

Trap Shooting Club Results - Sat, Apr. 9

Carson Kettelhake scored a trapshooting "hat trick" on Saturday at the Ashland Gun Club.  He claimed three individual medals at the meet - one as Singles Champion for shooting 50 targets of 50 presented from 16 yards, another as Handicap Male Champion for shooting 45 of 50 presented from 25 yards, and the third as High Over All Male for shooting 98 of 100 targets.  Congratulations Carson!

Trap Shooting Club Results

Carson Kettelhake brought home two medals from the Ashland Trap meet on Saturday, March 19.  He shot 45 out of 50 in the 22/23 yard championship.  His score tied with another participant.  He won the tie breaker shooting 23 out of 25 to take home the medal.

Carson was also the runner-up in the high overall male division.  He shot 89 out of 100, which tied him with four other participants.  He then shot 20 out of 20 to win the tie.