Community Outreach Team

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Gala Babysitting

As the Lincoln Lutheran Gala approaches on March 22nd, we wanted to reach out and make it known that the Community Outreach Leadership Team is providing free childcare for the duration of the LEF Gala. Snacks and games will be provided, as will a full meal (pizza, juice boxes, fruit, etc.). The childcare will be staffed by responsible Lincoln Lutheran high school students who will be supervised by Mrs. Jane Sype to make sure everything runs smoothly.

COT Babysitting for Gala

The Community Outreach Leadership team is hosting Babysitting during the gala on Friday, March 22nd and are looking for volunteers to help out with the kids. It will run from 4:30 to 10:30 pm and students are more than welcome to utilize this time to earn service hours. If you are interested, a sign-up sheet can be found on the COLT bulletin board upstairs.

COT Serves during Thanksgiving Break

The Community Outreach Team spent several hours serving local agencies over the Thanksgiving Break. Several students helped the Center for People in Need prepare for their yearly Thanksgiving food distribution. Some worked to package, load and sort food in the days before the distribution. Others joined in on the day of the event, serving as distributors of different foods. Roughly 3,000 families were blessed by this gigantic community effort. Playing a role in all of it was humbling to say the least.

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COT Begins Third Yr of Service

This year marks year three for Lincoln Lutheran’s Community Outreach Team. Formed by teachers and students, and funded by a series of grants, this group impacts community organizations in the Lincoln community.

A typical event begins with a student-led devotion, then continues with a unique service outing, and concludes with a donation to that agency. For each outing, there is at least one student, one parent and one Lincoln Lutheran staff member.

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Community Outreach Team April Events

COT Strikes up Support for Big Brother Big Sister

April’s outreach event was unique in the fact that we went bowling – I’m quite certain that’s a first. It was like many other events though in the fact that we really enjoyed being together. Two teams (teachers vs. seniors) raised funds to donate to Big Brother Big Sister’s annual fundraising drive: “Bowl for Kids Sake” held at Sun Valley Lanes.

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Jacob's Well Part 1: Faithfully and Joyfully

This article will be somewhat different in the report December’s partnership with Jacob’s Well. It will be a bit of a devotion first, followed by images from Part One of our service in the community.

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Community Outreach Team & Tabitha Create Firsts

The first major snowfall landed Saturday, and on that same day the Lincoln Lutheran Community Outreach Team chalked up a few of “firsts” of its own in a partnership with Tabitha.  It was the first time some of the crew delivered Meals-on-Wheels to the home-bound.  It was the first time some of the crew spent a couple of hours visiting with elderly or singing piano tunes.  And, for a few of our international students, it was the first encounter with snow.

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Second Community Outreach Team Event

In the second Community Outreach Team event, the impact in our community truly was a team effort. The event, created by a partnership with City Impact, found students, staff and parents pooling efforts to recognize over 160 tutors in nearby schools.

Media Specialist, Anna Rickords, who organized workspace in the media center and coordinated parent volunteers, observed first-hand this teamwork.

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