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Senior Ethics Class Presentations

Seniors in Ethics class are currently studying the theology of vocation, and recently, they had some visitors. The goal is for students to hear from different adults about the daily callings of God.  Students have studied at length the doctrine of vocation. One conclusion is that, unlike pre-Reformation thinking, our calling to serve God is not restricted to being a pastor or church worker.

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Jacob's Well Part 1: Faithfully and Joyfully

This article will be somewhat different in the report December’s partnership with Jacob’s Well. It will be a bit of a devotion first, followed by images from Part One of our service in the community.

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Samaritan's Purse Fundraiser

The sixth graders culminated their Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts by holding a fundraising breakfast Saturday, December 7th at the Gateway Mall Applebee's.  The sixth graders sold nearly 300 tickets and raised over $2000.  Proceeds for this fundraiser will go to Samaritan's Purse and their efforts currently ongoing in the Philippines.  

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Serving up Holiday Love

Lincoln Lutheran will be arranging ways to “be the hands and feet of Christ” as it organizes service to our community.  Students may accomplish several things through these opportunities.  First, it accomplishes our calling to serve our neighbors, as commission by Christ (Act 20:35).  Second, it creates an appreciation for the many blessings in our lives.  Third, it “counts” as community service hours.  Please read about the three (3) upcoming events.

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Students visit the Seminary

Juniors, Jackson Stoneman and Joel Ebert, along with teachers, Mr. Schoettlin and Mr. Krall, used two days off from school last week to visit Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis, MO. The trip was organized by Mr. Schoettlin, and was intended to provide a sense of Seminary life for students and teachers who think that God might be directing them toward the pastoral ministry.

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Easter Chapel


The CTI group who led chapel here on Nov 30th has released a CD ("Love Has Come") of music recorded while on the road, including their stop at Lincoln Lutheran. Anyone interested in ordering the CD or MP3 download can get it though the CTI website at this address:

A Scandalous Christmas

The chapel on December 6th was lead by Mrs. Olp. She retold the Christmas story but she didn't focus on the glitz and the glam but more on the truth of Jesus and his family.  Jesus was born from a typical teenage girl.  Jesus wasn't born from a rich family or born in a palace.  He was born in a small, unknown town in a smelly barn.  Many think of Jesus as a majestic king but he was also a very humble servant. 

The Lord's Prayer

     On February 15, 2011 Mr. Roeber led chapel. It began with prayer. He reminded us that leading chapel is rewarding but nerve-racking. The began to talk about the topic at hand, the Lord's Prayer. He made the statement that most of us can say the Lord's Prayer "brain dead", we know it so well that it comes from memory not from the heart.

What's Your Label?

Mrs. Janks 8th grade religion class gave a chapel, on January 14, 201, asking us what people label us as and how people judge us.