Marching Band

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LL Band of the Week

The Lincoln Lutheran Pep/Marching Band is B107.3's "Band of the Week" for The Morning Show with Gina and Jo this Friday, 9/21. We hope you tuned in to FM 107.3. All of the students had a great time and please see Lincoln Lutheran's Facebook page as there was pictures and a video of it taken.

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Harvest of Harmony Parade

Every Fall the city of Grand Island hosts a parade featuring the musical talents of Nebraska's high schools. Over 100 bands from across the state participated in the 75th annual Harvest of Harmony parade.The Lincoln Lutheran Marching Band performed this year by playing the music of Chicago and Bill Chase. Hundreds of people lined the streets of downtown Grand Island to cheer on all the bands. 

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Fall Sampler Concert Review and Video

Lincoln Lutheran's Fall Sampler Concert took place on Oct. 22nd and was a blessing for everyone involved! Students from 6th grade through High School were able to show their God given talents in both band and choir. At the closing of the concert, all of the choir students (6th-12th grade) came together to sing a blessing to everyone in attendance. 

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LL Band Marches in Grand Island Parade

On Saturday, October 3rd the Warrior High School Band participated in the 74th Annual Harvest of Harmony Parade. Since 1938, high school marching bands have strutted through downtown Grand Island. The tradition continues on every first Saturday in October when an average of 75 bands march down Third Street. This was the first year Lincoln Lutheran participated in this large event. Along with the high school band, 11 middle school band members joined the ranks. It was a great opportunity to represent Lincoln Lutheran and share their God-given talents. Mr.

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Mr. Michael Werner

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Superior Rating for the Marching Band

The Lincoln Lutheran Marching Band received a Superior Rating at the Oxbow Marching Band Invitational in Ashland on Saturday, October 19th. They received the 4th highest point total of all the bands in spite of being the 2nd smallest marching band there.  They continued their streak of Superior Ratings. Please join us in congratulating the band members and Mr. Morris on an outstanding achievement.  The trophy is displayed in the office. 

Help Wanted! Marching Band Equipment

The Lincoln Lutheran Marching Band is looking for two items for this fall.  We are wondering what or who might be out there with equipment or skills so that we are wise with our resources.  The two items are listed below.  Specifications and questions on these items can be discussed with Mr. Morris.  If you have any ideas or contact information to share, please contact Mr. Morris  Thank you for your time and consideration.  Blessings to you this fall. 

HS Band Camp

Executive Summary: 
HS Band Camp

Lincoln Lutheran Band Marches to the End of a Great Season

By Rachel Meinke

 The Lincoln Lutheran marching band finished their season on October 13th at the Oxbow Marching Band Invitational in Ashland, NE. Out of the eleven marching bands competing, Lincoln Lutheran placed 2nd in total points and received a Superior rating.

Marching Band Competition

The Marching Warriors received a Superior rating (the highest rating) at the Oxbow Marching Contest - for the third year in a row!  Congratulations Lincoln Lutheran Marching Band!